Why is Time Important

Why is Time Important

Why is Time Important

Time is of the essence since the day we are born. But many people do not understand this because when we are young, time feels limitless and abundant. Summers felt like a year and a school year felt like two years. The math quiz felt like 4 hours when in reality it was only 20 minutes. Time in the old days just took its sweet time. Is it a mix of young innocence and more patience, or was it really a slower paced life in the old days. No one really knows and you shouldn’t care, because the past is the past. Why is time important today, because we all need to grab time and use it wisely.

I lost my mom last week and it has been hard on me. I wish I would’ve spent more time with her and talked more. That feeling when you know you will never speak to a loved one again is tougher than I ever imagined. This is why time is important. The opportunity to not waste time is evident every day of our lives. It is right in our face, but what do we do, we just don’t realize that it could be slipping away minute by minute.

Granted nobody ever knows when things will change or if time is escaping us. If you can just remember that spending time is rewarding in more ways than you can imagine. If you must, take a day off from the usual routine of work, or post pone a business meeting for the sake of quality time, do it. Also say anything you always wanted to say without holding back because life is short.

Time can be bought if you save a lot, and reach FI sooner rather than later. But time can never be bought when you lose a loved one. So what is my financial advice to you today on the topic, Why is time important? If you save a lot as soon as possible, you can easily carve out a big amount of time to spend with those that are nearing the end of life. (Grandparents, parents or anyone else close to you) Time will help you, because of the compounding.

The other route you can take is to build a consistent cash flow big enough that it can sustain your bills and allow you to save for the future while you live in freedom. The freedom to spend time while you save time is a beautiful thing. Managing several assets can be a full-time job, but with less hours. Imagine working 20 hours a week and making more than a normal full-time job. But the trick is, spending money buying assets today to allow you the freedom in the future.

I guess when it all comes down to it, you have to find a balance between spending time and making money to live life. If you don’t take it seriously then one day you will regret things or miss out on valuable time spent with loved ones.

The Freedom to spend time while you save time is a beautiful thing – Rich Uncle EL

I truly enjoyed the 38 years of my life my mother gave to me and I got to spend with her. I will miss you mom forever and I hope you are in a better place. I appreciate you for guiding me and showing me how to be a better person. Even though you are gone and I spent as much time with you as I could, in these times of sorrow, we question was it really enough time? You took care of me in the beginning, and I helped take care of you towards the end, and for that I am forever grateful.

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  1. Beautiful words Elvis…so sorry for your loss.
    As you know my hubby works very hard and family time can be challenging. However, he makes it a point that we have alone time by taking short gateways or celebrating our daughter’s bday together just the 3 of us. Yes, it’s money spent but the time and memories that we are giving our daughter are priceless.😘😘😘

  2. Thanks for sharing Elvis. That's why I continue asking those whom I love, "When are we getting together, meeting up?" I know how valuable quality time is. I am the Rich Cuz, I have spent "Time" as I see fit. Dejense ver pronto, Love you guys!!! 🙂 <3

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