Milestones Realized in 2015

Milestones Realized in 2015

Do You Have Milestones Realized in 2015

Its that time of the year to display some cool milestones. Achieving goals is always a good way to turn on the happy mood setting in life. We all tend to achieve things and whether they may be big or small its important to keep track of them. By doing this we all can try to supersede the goals in the coming year. I  am content about my milestones realized in 2015, but I know I can do more.

How will I improve in 2016? Its simple by taking as much action as possible towards any and all goals. It is imperative to stop over procrastinating in life. If you want to get something done focus on it and do not get distracted until you complete it.


Milestones Realized in 2015

Dividends increased from $3300 in 2014 to $4500 in 2015. (Increase of 40%)

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again invest today so that you can grow dividends. These dividends will pay me for life as long as I hold them, and if a company decides not to pay dividends then just sell the stock and buy the competition. Saving money has benefits, but investing money to get free money, is the ultimate benefit in my book. I predict if I continue on this pace I’ll be able to reach 10K dividends in 3 years. Some of you might think 3 years is a long time but believe me it goes fast. Imagine how many shares I can pick up with 10 thousand dollars of free compounding money.

I saved 23% of gross income. (With the employer Match)

Hey man this is just simple to do, automate automate till your blue in the face. Set up 401K or IRA money to be deducted immediately every pay check. The opportunities are everywhere to save so take advantage. Connect bank accounts with investment accounts to make the money transition smoother.

I was able to do various spending freezes throughout the Year

Spending freezes are fun for me, and I do them to challenge myself from time to time. We all should practice this and when you do funnel the money towards the next best goal. IF that is paying down debt or funding your next vacation, as long as you act and don’t let the funds roll over into the next month unused.

I worked out with purpose and intent on staying healthy – So many pull ups so little time

I invested in Dividend Stocks, ETF’s, and Index Funds

Looking for some new stock buys and deals. As of today I think I am aiming for half of my available assets will go to individual stocks and the other half will go into index funds. I just like the balance of risk between the two, and I feel diversified. What new stocks will you buy in 2016?

Featured 4 Times on Rock Star Finance

This was a welcomed shock and I was elated to be featured on this great website for my content.

Blog Reached 5,000 clicks in 1 month

I read 7 books

I surpassed 1100 Twitter followers

It would be nice to have the blue check next to my name on twitter, but that only happens when you have a million plus followers or if you are a famous person. I have a long ways to go to reach a million.

I completed at least 1 important to me goal every month

Increased investing relationship with Online Broker to help increase Investing opportunities

Net Worth increased by 21%

When this increases I am a happy camper, and it goes as proof that if you track it you will find numerous ways to grow it.

Blog broke 1300 views on 1 day

Yes I know its not much but we all have to start somewhere and I know with good content going forward I can increase this amount in 2016.

School Loan decreased by 10%

A burden but I am going to take this in stride as I don’t want to over stress of this debt. The amount owed is going down every month.

A well known Author in the PF communtiy Retweeted a Post of Mine

Completed a Few Family Road Trips in 2015

I invested a big portion of my income

Attended a financial Seminar by Edelman Financial

I gave time and donations to various Charities

I feel more content and at Peace with finances!!!!

Comment if you would like to share a milestone you reached in 2015?

Milestones Realized in 2015


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  1. I was pretty excited to figure out that we saved 28% of our income. Given our various expenses, that was pretty swell!

    And don't discount 1,300 views. I've been doing this for awhile (though only seriously trying to grow it for the past year and a half), and am just now starting to get upwards of 500+ users a day. Occasionally, I'll get 1,200ish hits — usually with Rockstar Finance or if a pin just goes crazy. But that's still pretty uncommon. So go you!
    My recent post The $2 dream

  2. You read more books than me, that's for sure. It's always nice reaching a milestone/goal that you set for yourself. Congrats on a productive year from a financial and personal perspective. Look forward to following your journey in 2016. Thanks for sharing.
    My recent post Recent Stock Purchase January 2016

  3. The milestones that I'm the most proud of are maxing out all tax-advantaged accounts for the first time ever, and figuring out a way to nearly double our monthly income from 18 months ago (from the purchase of a rental property, renting out a room, a primary job raise, and a growing side business).

    I plan to scale back on some active income pursuits in the next six months, but its still a fun run 🙂

    • Hannah that is one great achievement, maxing out those accounts will go a long way. Also scaling back income is not that bad because when you have enough and are content, that is truly all you need. Good luck.

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