Boring Investing is the Way to Go

Did you know that boring investing is probably the best way to invest money? Slow and steady aka long term consistent investing has been proven to realize the best year over year returns. In contrast, people who time the market, … Continue reading

What Is Finance

OK another fun post explaining the basics of personal finance to all of you great readers. My point of view is somewhat unique because I like to break things down to a financial and common sense level. What is finance? … Continue reading

What is Wealth

  This post will be a short one as I am swamped with work and in addition have crazy demands on the family front. It will be about the best topic in the personal finance world to discuss, and it … Continue reading

The Frugal Millionaire

  Ok so I know many people think once someone reaches millionaire status that they can begin to purchase a brand new Mercedes every two years just to live the good life. But that is not the case as most average millionaires actually care … Continue reading

The 10 Secrets to Build Wealth

The Roadmap to Building Wealth Have you ever asked what is the secret to attaining wealth? Well even though I have not reached the status of ultimate riches like Warren Buffett, I now understand how someone can achieve wealth. The … Continue reading