The American Dream

  We all have desires to live the American Dream and part of that dream is owning property? I know for a fact that houses provide the average person the ability to increase net worth. When you have that responsibility … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make a Mortgage Calculator Work for You

The following is a Guest Post. If you are interested in being featured on this site send email. Before the age of the Internet, many of the statistics that were involved in calculating the true price of a mortgage were beyond … Continue reading

Home Buying with Down Payment Assistance

Home Buyers did you know there is a company that is offering down payment assistance in certain markets for a 40% equity stake in the eventual sale of the property. If you could not afford the 20% down payment would you consider … Continue reading

Alternative Mortgage Lender

How do you feel about getting milk, bread, grapes, and a mortgage all under one roof? This is the case for some Costco members who can now take advantage of the financial services to buy or refinance a home. This … Continue reading

Would you rather a house or a condo?

      Lately I have been talking to several people and they have asked me this question over and over. I tell them the same thing, It depends on your situation and how you want to live. Let me … Continue reading