Break Down Expenses by Hours Worked

This is a fun financial management exercise I thought of it the other day in the good ol 9-5 job. What if everything you bought, saved, or spent was tracked by you and broken down by the hours you worked. … Continue reading

Financial Ponderings

  I want to give you a few of the financial ponderings I was thinking of during lunch yesterday. These will never change as Americans are fully integrated into a system that is not beneficial for the average person. I hope many … Continue reading

Personal Finance Sayings 3

Wow this is the last personal finance sayings post. It has been a bumpy ride with all the idioms based around money. It is always fun to quote some classic financial, back-handed, straight to your gut money sayings. I hope you … Continue reading

Personal Finance Sayings 2

  Its time for the best personal finance sayings 2. Do you want to know a secret I came up with all of these definitions merely from my experience with finances. Now does that make me a financial guru? Sure … Continue reading

Personal Finance Sayings

  This is the 1st part of a collection of widely used personal finance sayings, words, phrases, or quotes and my comedic explanation or definition behind the meaning of all of them listed below. I decided to break up the … Continue reading

The Holiday Money Quotes

  The holiday season is amongst us and we all are feeling the joy. Every year at this time when people are giving blessings and welcoming Thanksgiving, the retail companies begin their marketing tactics to make you spend early and … Continue reading

Quotes on Achieving More

  What’s going on in your world my friends? I want all of you to succeed and to help you a little; I will give you a few quotes on achieving more. I know motivation can be a blessing, if … Continue reading

Spend Less than you Earn

Is this mantra really that hard to grasp? Why do I see examples of individuals living frivolously with their spending? Let me tell you a secret, if you do not follow the spend less than you earn lifestyle you will … Continue reading