Will Cash Retire

PayPal changed the world by offering an online exchange of funds between anybody in the world. Now fast forward a decade later and almost every bank offers electronic money exchanges. Some of you are thinking nah physical money will never … Continue reading

Money Lessons I

I believe money lessons are very important aspects of life to help anyone be great with money management. The lessons we learn can┬ácome from random places within life and at random moments. What I am hoping to accomplish with this … Continue reading

The Money Mojo

What is the money mojo you ask? Well it is the point in your life when money is flowing like an open faucet. When you experience a day, a month, or maybe a year in this stage you will feel … Continue reading

The New PF blogger Anthem

Check out this cool video by Macklemore┬ácalled Thrift Shop, rapping about being frugal with money. This guy is hilarious and has a pretty cool catchy song that has 125+ million views on YouTube. I laughed out loud at least 3 … Continue reading

Chess is like Money Management

  Why do I feel chess is like money management and therefore can be compared to one another? Well for the most part I like the fact that I embrace both of these as a part of my life. I … Continue reading

Asset Allocation

  Why is asset allocation important? Basically you are dedicated to a specific breakdown of financial sectors that you may or may not have knowledge what the breakdown should be. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the asset … Continue reading