Creative Ways to Save Dollars

    Money is a difficult tool to understand or grasp the gist behind how to manage it. No literally people cannot find a way to keep it in their possession for long. This will not be my usual post … Continue reading

Break Down Expenses by Hours Worked

This is a fun financial management exercise I thought of it the other day in the good ol 9-5 job. What if everything you bought, saved, or spent was tracked by you and broken down by the hours you worked. … Continue reading

Money Talk

  What if we all talked more about money on a daily basis? Is it truly that awful to discuss money or is it another underlining reason people shy away from it. I can clearly say I don’t know the … Continue reading

The Recession Aftermath

  All the media channels talk about the great recession on a daily basis, when they try to explain the current state of the economy. Should we cut or raise rates is being beaten with a stick by all the … Continue reading

Can People Avoid Disrespecting Money

Hey it’s that time again to discuss all the great and fun things about money. For starters never love or obsess about money, but love the freedom and usability money can bring. How can people avoid disrespecting money? Well it’s … Continue reading

The Last Hundred Dollars

A new series is born today, with the premise that now I will let you in to see the last things that I spent a hundred dollars on. Imagine if you only had a hundred dollars to your name, what … Continue reading

Why People Spend Out of Control

  We all like to judge the football players who make a ton of money but then go bankrupt within 5 years after playing football. How about the lottery winners who go insane and crazy, buying all sorts of stuff … Continue reading

The Truth behind Multi-Level Marketing

Hey guys I wanted to discuss some things with you today about multi-level marketing. The truth behind multi-level marketing is primarily a sales driven opportunity, so if you do not have the gift of the gab success in this business … Continue reading