Finding Peace in a Financially Crazy World

  I thought I can switch things up a bit and talk about a topic not many people discuss in this space. Personal finance can and should be about finding peace with your money in any way possible. When it … Continue reading

How Do I Define Success

When this idea entered my mind I was traveling about 35 miles per hour on a side street going home. Why did this idea all of a sudden enter my consciousness? If I could answer where creativity comes from and … Continue reading

What are my values?

  When I decided to write about my values and what they mean to me, I had to think for a second because of all the other white noise in my head. But for a few seconds as I stared … Continue reading

When Life gives you Lemons – Plant a Tree

This is a way of life for me as I take all my life lessons and use them to propel me to achieve success by the experiences of life. I record things as a reminder of what I was feeling … Continue reading

How many times have you failed?

Failure is a tough subject to speak about, but did you know that we all must go though some type of failure in order to reach success. Only the extremely lucky or the extremely gifted persons try something, see it through and … Continue reading

Quotes II

Hey friends it’s time for some great quotes to turn your Friday, into the most motivating day of the week. I hear quotes on the I-Heart Dave Ramsey Radio station all the time and it is great because quotes just … Continue reading

What’s your Passion

              Hey Friends I want to ask you a simple question today, What’s your passion? I saw a movie recently about someone finding their purpose in life. This is a true story of a … Continue reading