The Perks of Commuting on Two Wheels

  Does it scare you to hear that the average commuter in America spends a solid 38 hours yearly stuck in traffic and over 60 hours in some big cities? The same research shows that idling commuters released 56 billion … Continue reading

Luxury Cars on the Cheap

Lexus Hybrid Models (CTH or ESH only) Audi A4 or A6 (Smaller Engine only) BMW 1 or 3 (V-4 version only, with no extras) Infinity G Vintage Muscle Cars (Not mint, but close to it) Acura These are the cars that … Continue reading

Save Money On Gas

Hey does this topic excite you and intrigue you at the same time because of the rising concern of prices at the pump? Do you have a long commute and just want to do better on your miles per gallon going forward in the future? … Continue reading