Always Aim to Be As Efficient As Possible

Hey guys do you wake up in the morning and think I will be wasteful today. I hope not and if your like me you will always aim to be as efficient as possible. Like a brand new Prius car … Continue reading

Why I’m not Buying Sneakers In 2016

As many of you know I am a sneaker fanatic. But I am coming to a realization that I need to reign in my expenses and I already have sufficient kicks to last me a decade. So in this new … Continue reading

Frugal Tip of the Day

  This is a quick frugal tip of the day post to help you win with money. The frugal tip is – Avoid Vending Machines. The mark up for vending machine drinks and snacks is over 30%+ when compared to supermarket prices. I have not … Continue reading

Frugal Tips Friday

  Hello friends I wanted to give you all a different spin than the usual post topic today. I usually give you a few quotes on Friday to get your motivational juices flowing, but today the subject at hand will … Continue reading