Why I Want Financial Freedom

What’s going on my peeps? I want to talk a bit about my favorite topic financial freedom. I want to discuss this because its way more enjoyable than talking about debt. Why I want financial freedom is very simple, because … Continue reading

Why is Time Important

Time is of the essence since the day we are born. But many people do not understand this because when we are young, time feels limitless and abundant. Summers felt like a year and a school year felt like two … Continue reading

MLK Day and Contentment

As I think back when I was a young boy all the memories come back at random occasions, and a flashback is replaying itself in real time. Have you ever had one of these moments when you look back as … Continue reading

The Unconventional Wisdom Behind Early Financial Independence

Once you understand that being unconventional in how you handle finances will bring you a sense of freedom, it will all fall into place. I believe there are two sides to personal finance, the consumer mindset, where you feel no … Continue reading

The Long Journey towards Financial Freedom

As we have come to realize a journey must be taken to achieve anything in life, including the long journey towards financial freedom. What is the freedom I am talking about or writing about to you today? Many of you … Continue reading

Life Questioned for Financial Success

On occasion I second guess purchases with a question attached to the indecision. The question is does this expense provide value to my life? If no then for the most part I don’t spend the dollars. Many people will read … Continue reading

Why I want to be Free of Debt Forever

I could give a thousand reasons why I want to be debt free, but for today’s post I will share with all of you just 1 reason. Debt freedom is truly the way to live I believe. Because when you are you feel … Continue reading

The Financial Pinnacle

After reading the title above can you grasp what it means to live a life after you have reached the financial pinnacle? Well in all honesty many people might not even comprehend how a life like that might feel, because … Continue reading