Always Aim to Be As Efficient As Possible

Hey guys do you wake up in the morning and think I will be wasteful today. I hope not and if your like me you will always aim to be as efficient as possible. Like a brand new Prius car … Continue reading

The Personal Finance Ratios that Matter

Let’s just imagine you actually had the opportunity to run personal finance ratios for your situation. If you handled your personal life like a business I’m sure things will run smoothly and efficiently compared to how you handled your dollars … Continue reading

3 Ways to Construct a Company Budget

This is a Guest Post. Having a company budget is like creating a map. It will help you see where you’ve been and where you’re going. You can use that map to decide where you can cut costs, where you … Continue reading

Slash your bills by $100

I did this experiment in my past and I know most of you can also, I successfully found a way to cut expenses on a monthly basis, all of you should follow the simple steps to save yourself a Benjamin Franklin too.  So … Continue reading