Wearing Yeezy Sneakers is not Financially Smart

The hype is real and its been real for the last 3 years.  So where can you make triple the value of money on cost besides the stock market? Practically nowhere and today we have an example of a product … Continue reading

Knowing Where Your Money Goes in 2017

  “Do you know where your children are?” Even if you aren’t old enough to remember this famous TV slogan from the 60’s through the 80’s, the sentiment is easy to understand. It takes awareness to keep track of the … Continue reading

Finding Peace in a Financially Crazy World

  I thought I can switch things up a bit and talk about a topic not many people discuss in this space. Personal finance can and should be about finding peace with your money in any way possible. When it … Continue reading

Personal Finance Myths We Need to Ignore

  Hello friends it’s the 4th quarter of 2016, and as I get through a tough patch in my life, the blog has suffered without fresh new content. It is hard to find the right balance when you lose a … Continue reading

Over Consuming Usually Leads to Financial Failure

  Let’s discuss a major problem that is taking residence everywhere in the US. Over consuming in general is a problem for millions of people and these people actually think that no real issue exists with the behavor. When you … Continue reading

Always Aim to Be As Efficient As Possible

Hey guys do you wake up in the morning and think I will be wasteful today. I hope not and if your like me you will always aim to be as efficient as possible. Like a brand new Prius car … Continue reading

What is your Personal Finance Attitude?

Many times I sit and think about how attitude can be a deciding factor in how life turns out. If your attitude is steered towards a particular view point, it can either be a winning or losing battle for you. … Continue reading

The Solution to Money Problems is Solved by Not Spending

What’s going all you great readers today we have a post that is going to challenge some of you and possibly motivate others to do a spend freeze, so strap on for the fun ride. The secret thats not really … Continue reading