MoneyWatch101 Questionnaire



  • Do you have any money issues in your life right now?


  • Do you have any Debt?


  • If you do, how do you plan to overcome these issues?


  • Do you have a written budget you like to follow or do you just wing it?


  • How much are you currently saving a month for any goals?


  • How confident are you with Investing your Money?


  • Do you currently want to learn more about investing ideas?


  • Do you think about Retirement when you save your Money or other goals?


  • What age do you foresee yourself Retiring?


MoneyWatch101 Kids Questionnaire Section (For readers with kids):


= What is money?


= How much money would you need to pay for you home? Monthly or Yearly


= Do you know what debt is?


= What do you want to be when you’re older?


= Do you know how much that career pays?


= Could you save a dollar a day if you could? How?


= Are you saving up for anything right now?


= What is Cash flow?


= Will you go to college one day?


=What is Retirement?



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