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I have a soft spot for Quotes written by historians, famous people, and unknown authors who masterfully craft quotes about life, money, and business. I truly believe Quotes can motivate people to strive for more out of life, including personal finance. I created all the quotes listed below and I hope you can enjoy them and use them in your life.

Rich Uncle EL’s Quotes: 

-Today is make money Monday.    -Rich Uncle EL

-Today is Thrifty Tuesday     -Rich Uncle EL

-Today is wake up Wednesday     -Rich Uncle EL

-Today is Watch your Money Wednesday – Rich Uncle EL

-Today is Wow your savings account Wednesday – Rich Uncle EL

-Today is Tithe to yourself Thursday -Rich Uncle EL

-Today is Frugal Friday -Rich Uncle EL

– Today is Financial Freedom Friday – Rich Uncle EL

-Today is Side Hustle Saturday.  -Rich Uncle EL

-Today is seize your time Sunday -Rich Uncle EL

-Make today slash debt Sunday-Rich Uncle EL

-If you live frugally, than thrifty follows -Rich Uncle EL

-Payday is considered save day in my book -Rich Uncle EL

-Failure is not an option, it is a springboard to success. -Rich Uncle EL

-Just call me dinero cause I’m all about saving that money.    -Rich Uncle EL

-If you do not take hustle time seriously you just lost it to lazy time.   -Rich Uncle EL

-Money is a vehicle that needs to be steered in the right direction.    -Rich Uncle EL

-Cheap is as cheap does, cheap saves more dollars than spend.    -Rich Uncle EL

-In the end will your dollars still seed your generations with dividends   -Rich Uncle EL

-Thursday should be Thankful Thursday not Thirsty Thursday. – Rich Uncle EL

-I rather make it rain in my bank account than in the club    -Rich Uncle EL

-Financial Freedom is telling the 9-5 to beat it. – Rich Uncle EL

-Every hour is happy hour in my life. – Rich Uncle EL

-You may look and act like you own a million bucks, but in reality your living a false life- Rich Uncle EL

-If you incur debt you will soon walk the poor man’s Trail. – Rich Uncle EL

-When it comes to Debt, Amex and Discover do not care. – Rich Uncle EL

-For me I save money to be secure and to give in life, not to be greedy. -Rich Uncle EL

-Time is money and money buys you time. -Rich Uncle EL

-Take proper steps now to fund anything you desire later by using money to make more money-Rich Uncle EL

financial ponderings

-Spend an hour a day learning about Personal Finance and you will reap rewards with returns-Rich Uncle EL

-Believing you can do it, is always the first action towards success-Rich Uncle EL

-Working 8 hours a day for others, and than relaxing another 4 at home will never do much for success-  Rich Uncle EL

-If you bring home the bacon and invest it, you shall eat lobster and fillet mignon daily. -Rich Uncle EL

-Be smart, Be frugal, Be strong, and Be resilient.-Rich Uncle EL

-Money in this life is best enjoyed without any attachments to it or you. – Rich Uncle EL

-Build a mountain of pennies by slashing the avalanche of expenses. – Rich Uncle EL

-Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters will soon expire, get them quick before they retire.-Rich Uncle EL

-Have a master plan and be the master of your path. – Rich Uncle EL

-Interest money can buy stocks, stocks give dividends to buy even more stocks. – Rich Uncle EL

-I know how to make dollars on top of dollars on top of dollars; by compounding interest. – Rich Uncle EL

-If you’re not about investing then you might as well live poorly. – Rich Uncle EL

– Mo’ Money more Interest- Rich Uncle EL

– Today is save day, payday, invest day.-Rich Uncle EL

– Money comes and money goes, the secret is to keep more money coming in than going out.-Rich Uncle EL

– I grind because the work will build something I can be proud of one day.-Rich Uncle EL

– For me quotes give me a different perspective on how to appreciate and view life from many angles – Rich Uncle EL

-Turn your passion to success and opportunities into gifts for yourself and your legacy-Rich Uncle EL

-The message is sent for you to think and maybe act, not for you to ignore it. -Rich Uncle EL

-With all the tools out there today, the message is easily implemented unless You get in the way of Yourself.-Rich Uncle EL

– In life one must open up and share with the world that passion hidden inside of you.-Rich Uncle EL

-Time is always ticking people, never ease up on your goals because tomorrow comes faster everyday  – Rich Uncle EL

-Completing goals makes you feel good, so why not add more to feel good forever-Rich Uncle EL

-Goals were made to be accomplished and surpassed-Rich Uncle EL

-Debt buys things now but your conscience will pay it back with constant worries. – Rich Uncle EL

-Do not hesitate to change your behaviors for your future benefit. – Rich Uncle EL

-Never give up control by taking on unnecessary debt in your life- Rich Uncle EL

-The point of life is to be free so why do many of us continue to take on Debt? – Rich Uncle EL

-If you open the facet of spending and let it run everyday, you will always watch dollars go down the drain. – Rich Uncle EL

-Great Content makes people content with your work. -Rich Uncle EL

– If retirement were easy then everybody would quit and business / economy would suffer.  -Rich Uncle EL

– I expect that my plan for money growth will exceed my expectations for Social Security – Rich Uncle EL

– Procrastination towards the future never panned out well for any body – Rich Uncle EL

– Follow your heart because it fuels your dreams and purpose in life. – Rich Uncle EL

– Growth comes from within – Dream it, See it, Live it. – Rich Uncle EL

– A stress free and balanced life is better than a pot of gold – Rich Uncle EL

– Relationships that matter and add value to your life are worth more than any financial return – Rich Uncle EL

– Be like a rock by staying firm and saying no to your inner spending self.- RichUncle EL

– We want the best out of this life, it’s called freedom, but this is not possible without common sense. – Rich Uncle EL

– There is no app for smart money management, download this, being in debt is not smart-Rich Uncle EL

– If you do not have a plan for your money you might as well play the lotto – Rich Uncle EL

-If you want peace minimize possessions and live simply – Rich Uncle EL

-Materialism leaves you looking rich but feeling poor. – Rich Uncle EL

-Choose right by your money or pay for it later- Rich Uncle EL

-Put freedom above spending and you will be happier in life- Rich Uncle EL

-By consistently tracking expenses you can effectively reduce them – Rich Uncle EL

-Out of desperation anyone can find the strength to do anything. – Rich Uncle EL

-Get inspired today and live better tomorrow – Rich Uncle EL

– Your destiny is only told by you, your journey is only accomplished by stepping forward. – Rich Uncle EL

– I feel anxious because success is in my sights, but not in my grasps – Rich Uncle EL

– Support those lesser than you, and you will be rewarded. – Rich Uncle EL

– Accept change often and you will grow effortlessly – Rich Uncle EL

– Adding debt is worse than going to the dentist – Rich Uncle EL

– When your vision is in line with how you handle money you can accomplish more – Rich Uncle EL

– Money is not that complicated, cut up a dollar into 20 pieces, you just created your first budget – Rich Uncle EL

– Embrace financial freedom by controlling emotional spending – Rich Uncle EL

– Having a good offense is ok, but having the perfect defense wins all the games – Rich Uncle EL

– Income protection is just as important as knowing when is the right time to buy – Rich Uncle EL

– Chess is like money management, good strategies win the game. – Rich Uncle EL

chess is like money managementt

– I can’t let the best of me get the best of me, until I reach the pinnacle of life. – Rich Uncle EL

– When fear gets the best of you, how will the world know the best you can be? – Rich Uncle EL

– Fear plays a part in being successful; let it take its course – Rich Uncle EL

– Debt is my enemy it robs me of my time, thoughts and energy. – Rich Uncle EL

– Debt is not viewed right; it should be viewed as your biggest hater – Rich Uncle EL

– If banks had your best interest in mind, then they would not charge you interest. – Rich Uncle EL

– Net worth is low, own up to it, and grow it – Rich Uncle EL

– Time is the easiest resource we can leverage to give us future income – Rich Uncle EL

– If you are competent enough to make great content, your words will live forever – Rich Uncle EL

– The Status you finally achieve, is for you, not for you to show it off – Rich Uncle EL

– Hoarding is viewed as a negative thing, but to hoard money, now that is genius. – Rich Uncle EL

Savings should be placed above anything else, even those pesky things called bills. – Rich Uncle EL

– When you protect you’re cash flow, than life is a piece of cake. – Rich Uncle EL

– If you build savings year after year, then freedom is bound to hit your doorstep – Rich Uncle EL

– When dollars have a road map where to go, you will be in a position of prosperity – Rich Uncle EL

– Life can be a blessing, when the direction is planned and a purpose is stated – Rich Uncle EL

– I appreciate my life along the way and I still continue to strive for more – Rich Uncle EL

– When you can see the big picture of your life, everything just falls into place – Rich Uncle EL

– Respect could be bought in life, but I rather earn it for free – Rich Uncle EL

– Failure is not the last option we have; it is a step towards the next chapter – Rich Uncle EL

– When leaders look in the mirror, they see much more than a reflection – Rich Uncle EL

– The time will come when you must decide if you will lead or follow – Rich Uncle EL

– Constant Optimization is another way to say you strive for perfection – Rich Uncle EL

– Please keep all bragging talk below the level of your success – Rich Uncle EL

– They say money doesn’t grow on trees, then what do you call compound interest – Rich Uncle EL

– When change happens naturally, then you evolve naturally – Rich Uncle EL

– Self-Control is important to change bad habits – Rich Uncle EL

– Begin with the end in mind, in order to leave a mark in this world – Rich Uncle EL

– Being generous opens up many doors to being content, happy, and joyful – Rich Uncle EL

– Change and adaptation is the constant way to live – Rich Uncle EL

– Turn opportunities into passionate activities, to complete life with no regrets – Rich Uncle EL

– Get emotions in check before thinking on improving money issues – Rich Uncle EL

– Stand on firm ground thinking to avoid quick sand mentality – Rich Uncle EL

– When given advice, do not assume it’s given negatively, by expressing anger you admit to the faults you have – Rich Uncle EL

– Visualize where you will be money wise and you will get there in due time – Rich Uncle EL

– You can’t buy authenticity; it is earned by living within your means. Rich Uncle EL

– Spending less than you earn shows the world that you are content with life – Rich Uncle EL

– The future is uncertain, so why take risks with it by splurging every cent – Rich Uncle EL

– Living paycheck to paycheck is a disease, will you look in the mirror for the cure – Rich Uncle EL

– Money Issues are primarily behavior rooted issues – Rich Uncle EL

– As soon as you understand the benefit of an asset and the drawback of a liability, you will succeed with personal finance

– What price will you pay to reach excessive materialism? – Rich Uncle EL

– There is not an easy cure for debt freedom, it is a time-tested happiness approved long battle – Rich Uncle EL

– Focus all attention on household finances before providing for others, because in emergencies we cannot expect others to provide for us  -Rich Uncle EL

– When you sacrifice first for a length of time, then you will prosper in life, business, and money – Rich Uncle EL

– Spending less than you make is living in truthfulness – Rich Uncle EL

– Decide right now what your future will be, and make a plan to attain it. – Rich Uncle EL

– Make Life about finding your purpose instead of putting others down for doing the same thing. – Rich Uncle EL

– Great advice is never appreciated until people act on it, thus changing old patterns into successful results. -Rich Uncle EL

– Weekends are not the problem you may be having with money, it’s the ability to leave the credit card at home on weekends. – Rich Uncle EL

– Do not get sidetracked for living with purpose only has one path – Rich Uncle EL

– Being Modest does not mean living poor, it means putting a greater value on what you do instead of what you show. – Rich Uncle EL

– Patience is just as important as the ability to earn money – Rich Uncle EL

– Never give up cash flow for debt, it will lead to financial scarcity – Rich Uncle EL

– Financial Security is something many strive to get, but many fail to succeed. – Rich Uncle EL

– Put the future above wastefulness and you will succeed – Rich Uncle EL

– Focus on one goal at a time to maximize results, then you can move on and grow without looking back – Rich Uncle EL

– A step taken today is better than waiting to take a step tomorrow. – Rich Uncle EL

-Financing or leasing a car is never the smart money thing to do, learn your lesson and pay with cash is the only way to live. – Rich Uncle EL

-Personal Finance is not the end all be all, but it is something you have to learn to manage before you can grow -Rich Uncle EL

-It takes someone with great willpower to break away from the normal way to live, and live life in a financially smart way -Rich Uncle EL

-Build Wealth Now because it provides security beyond means and allows generous people to give back. – Rich Uncle EL

-Make Life about living it, and not about showing a fake status based around wasting dollars. – Rich Uncle EL

-When you move you gain traction, when you procrastinate you stay stagnant. -Rich Uncle EL

-If you watch it, track it, and invest it, wealth will grow exponentially – Rich Uncle EL

-I feel people do not want to talk about retirement because they see it as decades away, and yet they are painfully dreading working for 40 years. If you don’t want to work why not discuss ways to be free sooner rather than later. – Rich Uncle EL

-Investing is the only real way to build wealth, once you understand that, you will easily spend money buying assets.  -Rich Uncle EL

-Once you understand that advice is given to help and empower you, then you can use it to grow. – Rich Uncle EL

-A book can provide you enough knowledge to become a millionaire. – Rich Uncle EL

-Learn as much as you can so you can teach, or learn a lot to be the example others can strive to emulate – Rich Uncle EL

-Money is never available when the priority around handling it, is not present – Rich Uncle EL

– In my book more money always equals more interest, and never more problems. – Rich Uncle EL

-Christmas should never be about buying more than the Joneses, It’s about putting love above Stuff. – Rich Uncle EL

– Completing a milestone is a gauge to help anyone feel progress and improvement at the same time. – Rich Uncle EL

– You might as well begin handing over money to strangers, if you live with debt, it’s as similar as throwing money away. – Rich Uncle EL

– They say it’s better to give than to receive, but when it comes to credit cards and banks, its more important to receive dollars from dividends and not give money to interest and payments. – Rich Uncle EL

– An inspiration to create needs time appropriately given to build something great – Rich Uncle EL

– As you keep poppin bottles in the club, the club owner is laughing at you from his yacht – Rich Uncle EL

– If you let fear get the best of you, how will the world know the best you can become? – Rich Uncle

– A Strategy is nothing without action, and achievement is a dream without effort – Rich Uncle EL

– With a high windfall of dividends in December, January will be an extreme withdrawal for my Index funds. – Rich Uncle EL

– Creativity and innovation will always change the game -Rich Uncle EL

– Being Financially savvy is not hard, just place finances first and you will be savvy. – Rich Uncle EL

– Never expect the interest of banks to be in line with your interest for managing money . – Rich Uncle EL

– Life should be about, living to the fullest while doing enjoyable work, and not working all the time to live only on weekends – Rich Uncle EL

– Live abundantly based off a percentage of income, if too small, grow income by investing to increase it – Rich Uncle EL

– Always aim to live in abundance, but to live an overpriced lifestyle is financially reckless – Rich Uncle EL

– The issue is not whether investing is easy or hard, the main issue people have with investing is losing a part of income today to make that investment.  – Rich Uncle EL

– The first million is always the hardest, but without investing you will not reach any million. – Rich Uncle EL

– The first step to being financially sound, is to actually track finances, negate this and your bound to have money issues.  – Rich Uncle EL

-If you begin your working career investing at a minimum 20% income, you will be on the super fast track towards Financial Independence.  – Rich Uncle EL

– How can your 1,000 turn into 10,000 if you don’t begin investing today, the sooner you begin the faster money doubles. – Rich Uncle EL

-People like to throw money in many different areas of life, now if you can just throw it into wealth building, you’ll never regret it. – Rich Uncle EL

Affordability is an illusion for many because if you’re not saving, investing, or living a cash life, then you most likely can’t use the words I can afford things. – Rich Uncle EL

-If you live with patience and by a hierarchy of priorities, you have a greater chance of becoming rich – Rich Uncle EL

– Never believe your situation is permanent, as you can improve financially every day by focusing on achieving one money goal at a time. – Rich Uncle EL

-There’s no such thing as good luck, if you work hard, save right, modify behaviors, and invest consistently you will make your own luck. – Rich Uncle EL

-Take time to analyze spending by percentages based off income, it will help you avoid excessive spending mistakes. – Rich Uncle EL

-If after 4 months you still owe Christmas debt, then you either spent too much or need a plan going forward for holiday expenses. – Rich Uncle EL

-The choice is yours if you can be patient and modest today, for a stress free financial life tomorrow – Rich Uncle EL

-Once you understand happiness and money is not related, you will have money and happiness in abundance -Rich Uncle EL

-Financial abundance to you might be 25K a year in passive income, but to someone else 100K a year is not enough. -Rich Uncle EL

-They say fake it till you make, I say Save till you Make it. -Rich Uncle EL

-Never accept defeat by saying I can’t save, be creative and find ways to save those dollars – Rich Uncle EL

-What’s the best way to build wealth, it’s the time-tested simple advice, do not spend money – Rich Uncle EL

-If it rains on your financial life learn the lesson, so next time it pours you will be prepared for the storm. – Rich Uncle EL

– One of the best personal finance moves you can make is tracking net worth consistently. – Rich Uncle EL

-The savings rate you maintain every year, is completely dependent on how many years your forced to work for others. – Rich Uncle EL

-A very important step to build wealth is realizing that investing can’t be ignored. – Rich Uncle EL

– I firmly believe in achieving a better financial position everyday, by being purposeful in managing income, investments, and Net Worth. – Rich Uncle EL

By Impressing others you will only hurt future freedom, once you get it, you will act wisely – Rich Uncle EL


Compound Growth Tree

Dividend investing is like planting a harvest which you reap every year, but you must begin today to receive tomorrow. – Rich Uncle EL

Make Growing money a priority, before it becomes a necessity because you lost it all. – Rich Uncle EL

Do not take money for granted, because others never take your spent dollars for granted when they use it for personal gains.- Rich Uncle EL

The Real struggle to achieve financial freedom is not the lack of money, but a lack of mindset – Rich Uncle EL

Having Financial Security transforms standing on your own two feet, to a whole new meaning – Rich Uncle EL

Remove all the B’s from your life including, Bills, Bosses, Bad Behavior, and Banks. – Rich Uncle EL

Having savings is a means to a favorable end – Rich Uncle EL

Personal Finance is about prioritizing finances to increase Net Worth. – Rich Uncle EL

Every year you waste time by not saving or investing, is a tremendous loss to your future stability – Rich Uncle EL

Do you want the truth about money, the truth is you hold all the power to control personal finance. – Rich Uncle EL

Take Money Seriously or you will need serious help one day – Rich Uncle EL

What is Finance – It is maturity in how you handle money. -Rich Uncle EL

If you don’t live within the rules of personal finance, your bound to step outside of the lines with money regret – Rich Uncle EL

Every year I get a raise by owning dividend paying stocks, and it will continue for a very long time – Rich Uncle EL

Sharing Money Mistakes is just as important as expressing money wins in this life- Rich Uncle EL

Never Chase money instead chase financial knowledge so you can learn how to build cash flow – Rich Uncle EL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, your money will thank you, if you begin Saving now for next year – Rich Uncle EL

Every year that you track Net Worth, is a key component to growing Net Worth beyond expectations – Rich Uncle EL

A resolution is not a game, and goals should be a part of your daily life all year round. – Rich Uncle EL

Even during a Snow Storm you have various opportunities to save money and research investment ideas, act now before heading back to work – Rich Uncle EL

The Primary reason everyone should be investing is to keep pace with rising expenses and inflation – Rich Uncle EL

It’s America Saves week, so the obvious thing to do is, sock away some dimes, put away some quarters, and invest many dollars. – Rich  Uncle EL

When you have a goal focus on it as much as possible, and don’t let others change your priorities for happiness – Rich Uncle EL

The people yelling yolo, I work hard to play hard, and you only live once, will eventually feel financial regret- Rich Uncle EL

One of the best reasons to save money is to spend some of it on a few luxuries with Cash while avoiding indebtedness- Rich Uncle EL

Always Protect cash flow from being eliminated due to over consumption and lifestyle inflation – Rich Uncle EL

I’m always finding a positive way to push others financially forward to help them avoid being stuck forever- Rich Uncle EL

Take a moment to count life’s lessons because they are worth their weight in gold -Rich Uncle EL

A Car is a mode of Transportation and it should be 15% or less, once it goes over this amount it begins to take away from future financial security. – Rich Uncle EL 

Life can be about planning and purpose, all it takes is a bit of desire to make it happen.- Rich Uncle EL

Sing ‘Let it go” out loud as you pay off every new debt to motivate you to keep on going until your debt free.- Rich Uncle EL

Invest early to compound later- Rich Uncle EL

Snag a few investment deals before time is gone, you will improve Net Worth on every occasion. – Rich Uncle EL

Do you want extra savings, plant a garden and watch the veggies grow, instant savings on grocery expenses. – Rich Uncle EL

Money not invested is money not compounding – Rich Uncle EL

A Car should take you from point A to point B, and not hold you back from going anywhere good financially – Rich Uncle EL

Personally I like to set records on how many days I can go without stepping foot in a mall. – Rich Uncle EL

Make the best choice for opportunities today, because 1 day all those opportunities might fade away – Rich Uncle EL

Money will never allow you control unless you control where it’s going – Rich Uncle EL

Never assume someone not keeping up with status symbols and luxuries has less wealth – Rich Uncle EL

If you Always fake it till you make it with money, guess what you will never really make it. – Rich Uncle EL

Living within means is not a thing you do once in a while, it is an endless constant way of life, that should never change no matter the income. – Rich Uncle EL

Behavior Management is more important than actual income, because a man with either low or high income can become wealthy, due to good choices – Rich Uncle EL

Another Day another dollar, its time to save for that Impala– Rich Uncle EL

The secret to becoming rich is not a secret, just save like a madman, you’ll reach some level of wealth eventually Rich Uncle EL

Don’t Chase money just to waste money, be smart and Stash some of that cash – Rich Uncle EL

The Stock Market is like an Airplane flight, It goes up and stays up for a while, and then eventually it must go down, but after some time it will fly again. – Rich Uncle EL

If you spent as much time learning about investing as wasted on the cell phone, you’ll feel more stable with making financial decisions. – Rich Uncle EL

Accomplish 1 financial goal a day and after 10,000 days you will be more financial savvy than most people. – Rich Uncle EL

Today make the choice to put freedom over things –  Rich Uncle EL

Time is of the essence, live now, love now, experience now, and at the same time save for later – Rich Uncle EL

Finding Passive Income is not only a skill building talent, but it will eventually allow you to throw away that annoying alarm clock. – Rich Uncle EL

No Credit equals Freedom, No Debt equals Freedom, No Loans equals freedom. – Rich Uncle EL

A Personal Finance Myth will only be successful if you follow the false advice and share the false advice – Rich Uncle EL

If you understand common sense, then you know the value of a dollar, and how it can either be utilized effectively or ineffective – Rich Uncle EL

Make time to set goals, and make time to achieve each goal or else you will rewrite the same goals next year – Rich Uncle EL

If you don’t have any savings, and you spend more than you earn, you might be one step from Poverty – Rich Uncle EL

If you take hustle building activities step by step you can reach all your goals in no time at all. – Rich Uncle EL

Never let doubters influence the journey desired, as you and only you control the destiny, path and vision in this Life – Rich Uncle EL

By improving every year, the life you truly want and deserve will eventually come to fruition – Rich Uncle EL

If average daily pay earned is $100 dollars, and you get a side hustle that produces $400 weekly, you can effectlvely cover 4 days of work part time- Rich Uncle EL

Do not take money for granted, because once money is gone, it is harder to make it back. – Rich Uncle EL

Just like a Hat and scarf protects against the elements, buying insurance is protection for your money- Rich Uncle EL

Most people are inherently not wired to save money, that’s why its important to set up a save first system into Retirement accounts – Rich Uncle EL

Add all F’s into your life – Frugality, Finance, Fiscally Focused, Forever Funding, and Finally Free – Rich Uncle EL

Welcome the New Year with Blessings, Financial Smarts, Love for Life, and Lots of Savings. – Rich Uncle EL

Many people say money is not everything, but in this current world, you can’t do much without it. – Rich Uncle EL

The order of financial priorities should usually be saving for the future, buying necessities today, and getting a few wants along the way, – Rich Uncle EL

Take little steps, take big steps, but as long as you take any step forward you will succeed. – Rich Uncle EL

Investing in Stocks might appear like gambling, but you’re gaining knowledge as you go, where investing in the lotto will only give you knowledge on how to lose money – Rich Uncle EL

Every Day is an opportunity to make your day financially special or better than the day before – Rich Uncle EL

When real freedom is only a few choices away, you can clearly visualize what steps you need to take – Rich Uncle EL

If you save or pay down debt more than you spend on 1 indulgence on a monthly basis you are still headed in the right direction – Rich Uncle EL

Money Should never make you happy but it should be used wisely to remove financial stress – Rich Uncle EL

This is my list of Quotes I created.

I wanted to add something unique and interesting to this site that I have not seen anywhere else in the PF blog world. Also as a way to share with you my excellent quote creating skills. I wanted to add an element of motivation for myself and for the readers of this site with all these quotes.

PS – This is my creative knowledge, and should be given permission and the proper credit prior to any use.– moneywatch101.com

Rich Uncle EL

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