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Goals were Made to be Completed!


Hello MoneyWatch101 Readers, I can’t believe I fell victim to the famous goals page. I want this to be a constantly evolving page as I complete goals every year and I will add new ones to the mix on occasion. What goals are you currently trying to accomplish? Wish me luck and I look to you for added support in helping me check each one of these off my list.


Blog Goals:  

  • 2500 Twitter Followers by 12/2016 
  • 500 Facebook Friends by 12/2016
  • 200 Email Subscribers by 12/2016
  • 2000 Page Views a Day by 12/2016
  • Double Online Income to at least 20% of my Salary by 12/2016
  • Guest Post in 10 PF Blog Websites – Done
  • Consistently Write 5 Posts monthly – Accomplished


Personal Goals:

  • Pay off Student Loan Debt by 12/2017
  • Do at least 3 DIY Projects by 12/2014 – Done
  • Increase Net Worth at least 30K by 12/2016
  • Spend more Time with Family and Friends by 6/2016 – Done
  • Cut Expenses by 15% by 4/2016 – Completed
  • Upgrade to a more reliable Car by 02/2013  – Achieved – Paid Off
  • Buy 3 New Dividend Stock Positions – 12/2016 – Already own 5 Positions
  • Get at least 6K Dollars from investment Dividend Income – 12/2016
  • Buy a Rental Property in a Lower Priced Market – 5/2017
  • Take a 3 month Sabbatical in a New Country by 12/2018
  • Be Mortgage Debt Free by 2026.
  • Reach Financial Independence by my 50th Birthday


What goals have you felt proud accomplishing recently? If I can do these sooner rather than later I will be very satisfied with life in general and the future direction of this website. It all comes down to how you approach your goals with more confidence. In addition to this these goals will continue to evolve for the better and I will try to not go overboard chasing imaginary unattainable goals.

Wish me luck as I will stay on track with completing all of these goals in the New Year. 

Rich Uncle EL


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