The Perks of Commuting on Two Wheels

  Does it scare you to hear that the average commuter in America spends a solid 38 hours yearly stuck in traffic and over 60 hours in some big cities? The same research shows that idling commuters released 56 billion … Continue reading

Why is Time Important

Time is of the essence since the day we are born. But many people do not understand this because when we are young, time feels limitless and abundant. Summers felt like a year and a school year felt like two … Continue reading

Finding Time in Today’s World

So lately I keep hearing the term I need to find more time in random conversations, and I must admit I believe I’ve used the phrase on occasion as well. But I will say it is a bit of excuse … Continue reading

How Candy Crush makes you Poor

Hey Friends, did you know that Candy Crush is Taking over people’s minds every day by the minute? That little app has blown up to the tune of millions and millions of users, happily plugging in hours a week playing … Continue reading

Money is not the problem, it’s Patience

When you look at your checking account and you see a big fat zero, you may think to yourself dammit I am feeling broke. The next few days you mope and complain that you can never make enough Benjamin’s in … Continue reading

Watches equals Value

    I wanted to do a post on a topic that I have never read before anywhere else and something that is different than my usual posts. I did internet research and even interviewed a few watch dealers to get … Continue reading

Time is Money

Have you heard this saying before? If you answered yes then you are not alone, this phrase is one of the most popular phrases of our time and for many decades. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as the originator of this quote. But do … Continue reading