What is your Personal Finance Attitude?

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What Is Finance

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Financial Mistakes

I thought it would be cool to display and write in jest all the financial mistakes I’ve made, I’ve read, or I’ve discussed with others. Being a personal finance website manager I get talks like this from time to time, … Continue reading

Do you want to Be Rich?

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Financial Champion or Financial Wimp

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Why Percentages Matter

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When a Financial Emergency Strikes

  Do you know what to do if a financial emergency strikes all of a sudden at your doorstep? Well during this time people might feel the need to panic and begin to do irrational things with their money. For … Continue reading

The 10 Secrets Millionaires Live By

What are the 10 secrets millionaires live by? Well I will share what I have read below from various books, money magazines, blog posts, and by word of mouth. These secrets can be attained by anyone looking to do things … Continue reading