Milestones Realized in 2016

  Increased Dividend Income from 4500 in 2015 to 5580. (Increase of 25%) As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, invest today so that you can grow dividends. These dividends will pay me for life as long as … Continue reading

How Do I Define Success

When this idea entered my mind I was traveling about 35 miles per hour on a side street going home. Why did this idea all of a sudden enter my consciousness? If I could answer where creativity comes from and … Continue reading

Milestones Achieved in 2014

  Happy New Year! Hello friends if you are reading this you will soon learn of all the milestones achieved in 2014. I want to do this every New Year as a way to remember what I accomplished and as … Continue reading

The Door to Opportunities

  I work in an office building that has a medical office by the front entrance. I have noticed on many occasions that the first time customers of this medical office for some reason walk right by the nice light … Continue reading

The Company you Keep

Do all of you believe in the saying you are who you are based on the company you keep. If your family and friends define you as per this statement, then if they are not on your level does that … Continue reading

The Layoff Generation

Hello the Layoff generation term came to me like the many other random ideas I get throughout the week. Many people I know including myself have been laid off at least once in their lives and I’m beginning to question are … Continue reading

Favorite Who are you really?

This question was asked in a Oprah interview I saw on TV over the weekend. Who are you really? I know what your thinking, but keep those crazy thoughts to yourself. Oprah asked this question to a famous celebrity, because they live life … Continue reading

Friday Quotes VII

I wanted to share with you a few quotes today and hopefully this will get you motivated to start the weekend right. These financial quotes will help you get motivation in your life, whether it may be you are working … Continue reading