Start A Business Like These Self-Made Billionaires Or Invest Your Way To Wealth?

What does it mean to be self-made? When it comes to financials, it is about blood, sweat, tears, and hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work and dozens of rejections before finding that success. It is not about getting … Continue reading

What is Wealth

  This post will be a short one as I am swamped with work and in addition have crazy demands on the family front. It will be about the best topic in the personal finance world to discuss, and it … Continue reading

Will you Achieve Financial Independence

  Well you guessed it, as I am talking about reaching financial independence once again. I am posing this question today, will you achieve financial independence before age 65? Well the jig is up and there’s a ton of examples … Continue reading

The Frugal Millionaire

  Ok so I know many people think once someone reaches millionaire status that they can begin to purchase a brand new Mercedes every two years just to live the good life. But that is not the case as most average millionaires actually care … Continue reading

Do you want to Be Rich?

  There’s no secret sauce to becoming rich or maybe there is, and let me explain why below. Do you want to be rich? If the answer is yes, you may want to pay extreme attention as I’ll outline all … Continue reading

Being a Rich Imposter

  The other day I was in the supermarket and I noticed a dude, who looked like he was about to attend a fashion show sporting an upscale leather coat, fancy shoes and clothes. If you’re going on a hot … Continue reading

Real Estate Investment Trust

  This is not a new investment opportunity as it has been around for a long time now. The problem is if you are not into investing and do not read investing books, you probably never heard of this type of investment … Continue reading

The Richest Man in the World

Did you know that the richest man in the world according to Forbes is Bill Gates? If you by happen chance do not know who he is, Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Inc. He basically has about 78 … Continue reading