Boring Investing is the Way to Go

Did you know that boring investing is probably the best way to invest money? Slow and steady aka long term consistent investing has been proven to realize the best year over year returns. In contrast, people who time the market, … Continue reading

The Unconventional Wisdom Behind Early Financial Independence

Once you understand that being unconventional in how you handle finances will bring you a sense of freedom, it will all fall into place. I believe there are two sides to personal finance, the consumer mindset, where you feel no … Continue reading

Working till Your 80 Years of Age

Hey Guys do you really want to work till your 80 years of age? I am speaking for myself when I say heck no, granted I will always do something as I age. But I foresee I’ll focus on working … Continue reading

The Sad State of Retirement

  I like to write posts based on my current experiences in life and this one happens to be a very unusual topic I rarely discuss here.(Haha) The topic today is retirement and we will dive in to share a … Continue reading

Will you Achieve Financial Independence

  Well you guessed it, as I am talking about reaching financial independence once again. I am posing this question today, will you achieve financial independence before age 65? Well the jig is up and there’s a ton of examples … Continue reading

Windfall of Lifetime Earnings

  Hey imagine you received a windfall of lifetime earnings at once? Would you treat this windfall differently? Do you know how much income, side hustle, illegal activity you’ve made in your lifetime? If you already have 5 years of … Continue reading

The Financial Pinnacle

After reading the title above can you grasp what it means to live a life after you have reached the financial pinnacle? Well in all honesty many people might not even comprehend how a life like that might feel, because … Continue reading

Withdrawing from the 401K

  Many people are withdrawing from their 401k funds and losing out on a big opportunity to make money in the future. Every time someone switches jobs I bet a little piece of them is wondering, what can I buy … Continue reading