Milestones Realized in 2015

Its that time of the year to display some cool milestones. Achieving goals is always a good way to turn on the happy mood setting in life. We all tend to achieve things and whether they may be big or … Continue reading

The Importance of Accurate Investment Data

    For some people, investment means simply leaving a lump sum of cash in the bank for several years, and hoping that the accrued interest beats out the rate of inflation. For others however, it’s a serious game of … Continue reading

What Is Finance

OK another fun post explaining the basics of personal finance to all of you great readers. My point of view is somewhat unique because I like to break things down to a financial and common sense level. What is finance? … Continue reading

Financial Mistakes

I thought it would be cool to display and write in jest all the financial mistakes I’ve made, I’ve read, or I’ve discussed with others. Being a personal finance website manager I get talks like this from time to time, … Continue reading

7 Useful Tips to Help You Save for Retirement

Image via Flickr by Tax Credits   Saving for your retirement is a daunting task for just about anyone. Knowing how much to put away and where to invest your money is something that isn’t common knowledge for most people. … Continue reading

How Do I Define Success

When this idea entered my mind I was traveling about 35 miles per hour on a side street going home. Why did this idea all of a sudden enter my consciousness? If I could answer where creativity comes from and … Continue reading

The Best Synergy Tactics

The synergies I use in my life can make anyone feel like they are the smartest person in the world. It will appear as if you’re a multitasking freak, who actually invented the word productivity because you’re so efficient. Now … Continue reading

Money and Relationships

I recently wrote an article based on the money and looks topic, and it was a received well. Now we are going to continue the theme, but this time with a listicle of random facts solidifying why money has a … Continue reading