Spending is not the root of Happiness

I have come across a few people who like to live for the Now in life. They are always going out and doing everything in their power to be present at numerous events while negating their future security. I ask … Continue reading

What I did to save a buck

An unfortunate event took place on my way to work on a recent Friday morning. I make my usual stroll to my car about two blocks away from my apartment building and that’s when I saw the travesty right in front … Continue reading

Richer by 288 Times

Have a 150 grand lying around? Can you believe this? The Super rich have 288 times more savings than the normal American. Compound that by 4% and you have a pretty decent interest income. I must say I didn’t fully … Continue reading

Top 10 steps for Money Growth

Warren Buffet Money Growth Steps Protect your income- Save those dollars Live for tomorrow by watching what you do in the present Avoid debt like the plaque Keep expenses very low and do not succumb to lifestyle inflation Increase retirement and emergency contributions by … Continue reading

Saving Money Tactics

    As we all know saving money tends to be an extremely difficult task with all the bills and expenses we accumulate throughout the years. How can you fight back and defeat the non-savings bug? By utilizing smart money tactics and creating a … Continue reading

Friday Quotes VII

I wanted to share with you a few quotes today and hopefully this will get you motivated to start the weekend right. These financial quotes will help you get motivation in your life, whether it may be you are working … Continue reading

Summer Fun On a Budget

This is a guest post by a moneywatch101 reader. Remember when we were children and played in the backyard for hours during our summer vacations? Even though this wasn’t much, we stood entertained by the simplest things such as a piece … Continue reading

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  Hello As I think back I have seen many episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and frankly who hasn’t. But I started to think how to incorporate what I saw on the show with finance, business … Continue reading