Finding Peace in a Financially Crazy World

  I thought I can switch things up a bit and talk about a topic not many people discuss in this space. Personal finance can and should be about finding peace with your money in any way possible. When it … Continue reading

Milestones Realized in 2015

Its that time of the year to display some cool milestones. Achieving goals is always a good way to turn on the happy mood setting in life. We all tend to achieve things and whether they may be big or … Continue reading

The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition

  Hello Readers we are doing another rendition of the the last hundred dollars I’ve spent recently, but this time it will be a Christmas edition. We are upping the amount to $300 dollars because $100 is just to small … Continue reading

Money and Relationships

I recently wrote an article based on the money and looks topic, and it was a received well. Now we are going to continue the theme, but this time with a listicle of random facts solidifying why money has a … Continue reading

The Best Deal Purchased

I want to discuss the time I hustled my way into the best deal purchased. It happened recently and I’ve been meaning to share it with all of you. There’s so many ways people can spend money and we all … Continue reading

Milestones Achieved in 2014

  Happy New Year! Hello friends if you are reading this you will soon learn of all the milestones achieved in 2014. I want to do this every New Year as a way to remember what I accomplished and as … Continue reading

Can you Define Happiness?

  What are the best things that make us happy? A simple question that many can answer, if they can take a brief moment to think for a second about what are the magical things that make us happy. If … Continue reading

Rich Uncle EL Random Facts

Happy Saturday my friends. I cannot fathom that this series has grown to 5 posts. Because I struggle with over sharing and with every post that I do share on this topic I feel better about blogging. In the first … Continue reading