Why I Want Financial Freedom

What’s going on my peeps? I want to talk a bit about my favorite topic financial freedom. I want to discuss this because its way more enjoyable than talking about debt. Why I want financial freedom is very simple, because … Continue reading

The Unconventional Wisdom Behind Early Financial Independence

Once you understand that being unconventional in how you handle finances will bring you a sense of freedom, it will all fall into place. I believe there are two sides to personal finance, the consumer mindset, where you feel no … Continue reading

The Long Journey towards Financial Freedom

As we have come to realize a journey must be taken to achieve anything in life, including the long journey towards financial freedom. What is the freedom I am talking about or writing about to you today? Many of you … Continue reading

Life Questioned for Financial Success

On occasion I second guess purchases with a question attached to the indecision. The question is does this expense provide value to my life? If no then for the most part I don’t spend the dollars. Many people will read … Continue reading

Why I want to be Free of Debt Forever

I could give a thousand reasons why I want to be debt free, but for today’s post I will share with all of you just 1 reason. Debt freedom is truly the way to live I believe. Because when you are you feel … Continue reading

Milestones Achieved in 2014

  Happy New Year! Hello friends if you are reading this you will soon learn of all the milestones achieved in 2014. I want to do this every New Year as a way to remember what I accomplished and as … Continue reading

The Financial Pinnacle

After reading the title above can you grasp what it means to live a life after you have reached the financial pinnacle? Well in all honesty many people might not even comprehend how a life like that might feel, because … Continue reading