Finding Peace in a Financially Crazy World

  I thought I can switch things up a bit and talk about a topic not many people discuss in this space. Personal finance can and should be about finding peace with your money in any way possible. When it … Continue reading

Why I’m not Buying Sneakers In 2016

As many of you know I am a sneaker fanatic. But I am coming to a realization that I need to reign in my expenses and I already have sufficient kicks to last me a decade. So in this new … Continue reading

What Is Finance

OK another fun post explaining the basics of personal finance to all of you great readers. My point of view is somewhat unique because I like to break things down to a financial and common sense level. What is finance? … Continue reading

Money and Relationships

I recently wrote an article based on the money and looks topic, and it was a received well. Now we are going to continue the theme, but this time with a listicle of random facts solidifying why money has a … Continue reading

Money Talk

  What if we all talked more about money on a daily basis? Is it truly that awful to discuss money or is it another underlining reason people shy away from it. I can clearly say I don’t know the … Continue reading

Being a Rich Imposter

  The other day I was in the supermarket and I noticed a dude, who looked like he was about to attend a fashion show sporting an upscale leather coat, fancy shoes and clothes. If you’re going on a hot … Continue reading

Financial Ponderings

  I want to give you a few of the financial ponderings I was thinking of during lunch yesterday. These will never change as Americans are fully integrated into a system that is not beneficial for the average person. I hope many … Continue reading

Not the Average Definition of Stuff

Do you find that your house is full of stuff that is just lying around, for the most part unused and collecting dust? This is unfortunately the norm for most Americans, because we love to buy, purchase, acquire, and lastly … Continue reading