What Can you Buy with Dividends

This post idea came to my mind as I was washing dishes, and I thought of at least 10 things I can buy with dividends. What can you buy with dividends? Well it depends if you actually are in a … Continue reading

Nordstrom’s Stock

Hey did you know that Nordstrom’s stock is a dividend payer? I was recently asked what I thought about Nordstrom’s stock and if it’s a good value right now. Given the fact that the market has been frothy aka yuppie … Continue reading

The Dividend Challenge

  I am obsessed with growing dividends and seeing them compound every year. Well now I am doing a crush the dividend challenge. (#dividendchallenge) The purpose is to well increase the dividends in 2015 and surpass what was received in 2014. … Continue reading

What is the Best Cash Flow Investment

Have you ever desired to have more cash flow? Well I am on a mission to find out what is the best option for anyone interested in learning about cash flow and learning how to build it. Anyone looking to … Continue reading

My Dividend Strategy

  Do you want to know my dividend strategy? I am hoping the moves I make will pay off within my retirement accounts aka Mutual Funds. I am not suggesting anyone try implementing this strategy for their finances. It has worked … Continue reading

Dividend December

  Hey readers did you know that December is the ultimate month for dividend income. Most companies pay dividends and capital gains in December, and it has me smiling all the way to the bank. I enjoy the Holiday cheer … Continue reading

Dividend Stocks

I think that investing in dividend paying stocks needs to be a necessity for anybody who is serious about retiring early, wishes to gain wealth, and hopes to be a decent philanthropist in the future. Many people understand the concept behind … Continue reading

Income Sources

  Most of you all already know that you can earn income from many different ways. But maybe you didn’t know the actual categories each income source belongs too. I wanted to share with all of you these income sources … Continue reading