Can People Avoid Disrespecting Money

Hey it’s that time again to discuss all the great and fun things about money. For starters never love or obsess about money, but love the freedom and usability money can bring. How can people avoid disrespecting money? Well it’s … Continue reading

Making Side Money

  Did you know that making side money can help you achieve money goals faster? I believe anybody can do it on a part time basis. Do you have some debt that you detest? Do you want to save up for … Continue reading

Is it worth it to spend 90 dollars a month for Internet

 This is what I am currently spending a month to access the internet now a days. It consists of two cell phones with data and home based internet usage. This gives me access to surf the web on my cell phones … Continue reading

Cash Flow

These two words have been on my mind for the last month now and the reason why its been on my mind is because I am in the process of graduating from my master’s degree program with a sizable loan on my … Continue reading