The Perks of Commuting on Two Wheels

  Does it scare you to hear that the average commuter in America spends a solid 38 hours yearly stuck in traffic and over 60 hours in some big cities? The same research shows that idling commuters released 56 billion … Continue reading

Car Dealer Shenanigans

OK we all know how most car dealerships try to scheme and frankly steal as much as possible from customers. Some do it with no shame, while others have no qualms in specific financial dealings with customers. I recently thought … Continue reading

The Top 10 Car Rules

  The Basics of Financial Management: The Top 10 Car Rules One of the biggest money drains on a family’s budget; car costs. The old loyal car is the machine that makes your life that much simpler. It can take … Continue reading

Luxury Cars on the Cheap

Lexus Hybrid Models (CTH or ESH only) Audi A4 or A6 (Smaller Engine only) BMW 1 or 3 (V-4 version only, with no extras) Infinity G Vintage Muscle Cars (Not mint, but close to it) Acura These are the cars that … Continue reading

Gas Prices by Country

  Did you know that gas prices by country all over the world range between $.06 cents to $10 dollars a gallon? All the prices below were found in a recent Car & Driver magazine were the countries price per gas … Continue reading

Consumer Reports Best Value Cars

Hey it’s a new year and I wanted to share with all of you a great article I found on the CNN money website. It is the consumer reports best value cars for 2012 and further leading into 2013. How many people were surveyed … Continue reading