The Solution to Money Problems is Solved by Not Spending

What’s going all you great readers today we have a post that is going to challenge some of you and possibly motivate others to do a spend freeze, so strap on for the fun ride. The secret thats not really … Continue reading

The Minimum Wage Debate

Hey you do you think the minimum wage amount should be raised? If yes is your answer or no is your answer, let’s have the minimum wage debate today. The current minimum wage in my state is 8.25 cents an … Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend Frugal Activities

Hello friends it’s memorial day weekend finally. This spring weather has been the worse that I have seen in a long time. It’s been rainy and cold all the way up until now in the Northeast area. How has it … Continue reading

The Best States for Retirees

  If you knew which were the best states for retirees, would that information sway you to live in one of those states? Recently such a list was released by CNN Money with some analytical help from the BankRate guys, they ran an article based … Continue reading

Is it worth it to spend 90 dollars a month for Internet

 This is what I am currently spending a month to access the internet now a days. It consists of two cell phones with data and home based internet usage. This gives me access to surf the web on my cell phones … Continue reading

Cheapest Cities List

Recently CNN Money ran a article of the most Affordable cities for Americans to live in.(Cheapest Cities List) I always enjoy these articles because it gives great information as to median income, median home price, and an overall affordability score for each … Continue reading