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  • How can you avoid Debt?
  • Is it possible to live a good life and Save Money?
  • Can I avoid living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Well if you need answers to these questions welcome to – MoneyWatch101

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Watch your Money Every Chance you Get

Who is Rich Uncle EL? I am a family man who loves personal finance. Why Do I love it so much, because it can be used as a tool to free anyone from working the 9-5 job. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration specializing in finance and I also acquired my MBA.

I have been investing my hard-earned money since I was 19 years old.  I opened my first IRA with $2,500 bucks and didn’t even have a 401K yet. Imagine being so young and visualizing that amount of money leaving your hands wishing it will double in 3 years. Boy my expectations back then were too high.

My Quote: Money is a vehicle that needs to be steered in the right direction. 

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Being a natural saver since I can remember, I always had money goals in mind as a kid, now as an adult that dedication has not changed. Even though easily attainable credit makes life that much more difficult for many, I tend to stay clear of it now a days. I strive for perfection in the areas of life I find joy in, but I do admit at times my concentration can be affected, because I have a million and one ideas in my head. For the most part on how to improve myself and my financial freedom goal. This website being one of those previous ideas that I just had to accomplish.


My Quote: Failure is not an option, it is a springboard to success!


I love having goals and achieving them. I enjoy teaching others about personal finance and how to improve in a financial capacity. This website is dedicated to all those who want to learn and discuss in an open forum how to get ahead financially. One thing I tend to stress over and over is, if you start early in life with a good financial background you will be ahead of most people who ignore this important aspect. If you save at least 20% of all income from day one you will not miss it, and it will be part of your money routine. In addition to this great savings tip, as always stay clear of any debt.

Even though I started early on in life being a great saver and investing, I fell for the debt trap just like the average person. I have paid off thousands of dollars and I am closer everyday to reaching debt freedom. After that I will pursue Financial Independence. We all fall for dumb mistakes in life, and it’s up to you how you will overcome them.


My Favorite Quote: The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. – Andrew Carnegie


If you join me in this blog space, I will share with you money-saving tips, investment strategies, and anything else I find interesting involving money matters. The MoneyWatch101 mantra is to enhance your awareness on how to save money. I will push myself and my readers to think in a financial mindset on a daily basis. This will help you become an expert with money management. Join me in sharing financially related ideas so that we can be more informed with a subject most people find to be taboo.



My top 10 money principles to live by: 

1. Never go into debt unless it’s for a Home.

2. Spend less than your income.

3. Invest early and keep reinvesting with every opportunity.

4. Keep track of your Net worth on a monthly basis.

5. Never turn down free money – Invest in your 401k, 403B, 457 etc. plans.

6.  Adjust your retirement allocations every quarter.

7. Do what you love to do (money wise) but never at the expense of your future.

8. Establish an emergency fund of 4-6 months of expenses.

9. Look into and invest in Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

10.  Set up an Automatic Savings and Investing System.

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My main objective is to help readers find their lost money by elminating debt, investing strategies, and good money management ideas. Personal finance talk made simple and easy.

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