Why I Want Financial Freedom

Why I Want Financial Freedom

Why I Want Financial Freedom

What’s going on my peeps? I want to talk a bit about my favorite topic financial freedom. I want to discuss this because its way more enjoyable than talking about debt. Why I want financial freedom is very simple, because we as humans were truly meant to be free. Once you feel the tug of this FI desire, you will understand. If it hasn’t hit you yet, be ready cause it will one day.

Do you fully grasp that this system is set up to trap us from a very young age. From school years and quickly transition to work yeara till age 67 plus.

My mom had the same desire to be free as she retired at age 39 and lived how she wanted for the next 10 years or so of her life. She started a few businesses and just hustled while enjoying life. Eventually she went back to work but only because she wanted to pass the time I believe after becoming an empty nester.

Even the super rich are trapped in this unfavorable cycle of being beholden to others. The rich CEO reports to the board, Warren Buffet has shareholders and his own obsessiveness of growing his business, politicians are controlled by other more powerful people or political parties who pull the strings, the movie star is at the mercy of recording studio heads, the doctor is bound to his patients or to the director of doctors. I can keep going if you would like, but you get the gist of it.

ALL The Major Reasons Why I want Financial Freedom

If your not pursuing financial freedom, I believe you are setting yourself up for more years of work, more years of people telling you what to do, more years of sitting on a chair rotting away. (Damn that last one was mean, but very very truthful)

Another reason I want financial freedom is once and for all to stop commuting back and forth away from my home which I enjoy very much. In addition to wasting time, gas, money, tires, and car depreciation. I want to seriously get off the risky highways as many people driving on the roads are getting more impatient every day, its getting a bit ludicrous if you ask me. (Yes I used that word sue me) I particularly like my life and the risk of driving is growing every day due to high cell phone usage and a societal impatience on these roads.

In the building I work at I see an older gentlemen sitting on a desk with a full head of white hair, and I think to myself, that can’t be my future. He is at least 73 years of age or more. How can I avoid working for the entirety of my career and be happy? I am not knocking his hustle and maybe he is doing it to stay busy and not be bored at home. But for me that is not the path I desire to take.

I have passions, and projects that I want to begin and due to a 40 hour work week, and a 10 hour commute per week, it is a bit harder to really focus on another side hustle besides this blog. I have a family, hobbies, physical activities, friends, and extended family that take up even more time. Financial Independence where are thou?

These are the reasons Why I want Financial Freedom.

Well that sums it up and I believe that every day I am getting closer to reaching FI. We are the ones in charge of our financial destiny and it begins with financial awareness. Long gone are the days where we just live life without a focus towards growing Net worth, because that is not money smart.

Let me know any thoughts on the why I want Financial Freedom post?

Hope you can reach you’re financial goals and join me in a few years.

Rich Uncle EL


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  1. I certainly don't want to be working into my seventies, at least because I need too. I think your wish for financial freedom echos why a lot of people what to reach it. Spending more time with friends, family, and working on project they love. We want to be able to leave work early too and not have to worry about money at some point. The key is to have a plan to achieve it.

  2. Yea the commute is a big one for me…it's 2 to 3 hours total round trip. It really cuts into my time and I have 2 little ones too. I feel like my life is wake up, drop off kid, drive to work, pick up kid, dinner/shower, maybe some chores. I'm spent by the end of the day and I feel like everything is rushed. I don't get to enjoy quality time with the kids and wife.

  3. All good reasons to reach FI though it's a very a personal matter and FI is defined differently by every person you would ask. I guess for me it boils down to one main aspect, time. Time is what everyone really wants as time breaks you from that commute you mention, time allows you to focus on you (hobbies, family, whatever). It's all about control of your time and your personal happiness. As you mentioned, just because you see an older personal working doesn't mean he has to. It may just give purpose to an otherwise empty life. My friend's father worked well his mid-80s not so much because he had to, had a paid in full house in L.A., never went on trips or anything with wife, just stayed home all day, leased Honda Civics for a long time, but wanted to be away from his wife 🙂 during the day. He needed that break. It wasn't about a pay income or benefits it was more about getting up and getting out of the house. Feeling purpose. Thanks for sharing.

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