Giving Money is Gratitude Multiplied by Happiness

Giving Money is Gratitude Multiplied by Happiness

Giving Money is Gratitude Multiplied by Happiness

Did you know that giving away money leaves you feeling great? It means that you can securely give without feeling a sense of fear or lacking in your money life. The one secret that many people don’t understand is that giving unselfishly only comes when you can build a financial foundation for yourself. Granted anyone can give at any moment in time or even if you’re not fully prepared to give, but it makes sense to give when you have your life in order. Having an emergency fund, consistently investing towards the future, not living paycheck to paycheck all of these things will allow you to give generously when the time is right. If you can support a good charity or organization it will leave you feeling a sense of contentment. The truth is giving money is gratitude multiplied by happiness in my opinion. It is how I feel when I give and how you should feel too.

Giving Money is Gratitude Multiplied by Happiness

I’ve given to charities that support food services in local communities, to organizations that foster community sports, and to cancer funding charities. These are the 3 things that I find provide the best utility for my money combined with personal interests. I’ll let you in on a secret, every time I gave $ to these great organizations it makes me happy. Imagine that being selfless has the added perk of actually lifting you up. Happiness is defined by what you do and how you feel. If after giving you don’t feel happy, then clearly something might be off with how money is perceived.

There comes a time where money is best served and honored by giving it away. It is 2016 and if you make over 30K a year, I know you can easily afford $200 bucks a year to give to 2 of your favorite charities. I use a website called charity navigator to help me find those organizations that have 4 stars or better charity rating. The act of giving will not only transform you, but it will transform others who are in real need of help.

Personal finance is not only about saving, investing, maintaining budgets or consuming. It is really about all those things including giving in any way possible.

Believe me when I tell you that giving money is gratitude multiplied by happiness, because you will feel a sense of pride. That pride will stay with you for a while and you will change yourself and others at the same time. Now that is what I call a synergy like no other.

If giving money doesn’t compound happiness in your life then I recommend you change your attitude because giving back is where it’s really at. – Rich Uncle EL

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  1. We should always remember to practice gratitude and be thankful for the things and people in our lives. Giving always seems to be highlighted during the holidays, but we need to remember to pay it forward throughout the year!
    My recent post Three Years of Blogging

  2. Pay it forward. It feels so good to give. I love to give and do it under the radar. No mention of my name, just a gesture of goodwill. I truly believe that random acts of kindness and giving are addictive and when we do it, others follow. The snowball effect takes charge.

  3. Best is to give anonymously though sometimes it’s hard. As a Christian it’s important for me to give. Don’t forget that giving can also be time or materials to help someone local.
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