The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition


The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition

The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition

Hello Readers we are doing another rendition of the the last hundred dollars I’ve spent recently, but this time it will be a Christmas edition. We are upping the amount to $300 dollars because $100 is just to small of an amount for Christmas. Imagine if you only had a hundred dollars to your name, what would you spend it on? Granted if you were down to the last hundo, I bet you will save some of it for food or maybe all of it lol. We gots to eat to live! The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition has been a fun ride. that I’m happy to share with all of you.

The last 300 hundred dollars Christmas edition is a way to lighten up the financial blog space with something unique. Yeah I could give you a bunch of spreadsheets showing my monthly net worth, but that’s been done a thousand times over. As of right now I still don’t feel 100% showing you guys all my pennies and cents, but with these posts you get a sneak peak at some random expenses. See below for the fun.

The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition:

Marshall’s Retail Store – $30 dollars – a toy gift for 1 of the rug rats in the family.

Walmart – $50 – Had a great deal on emoji pillows so I grabbed a few for the kiddos.

Khols – $50 – I got some gifts for family members and found myself a good winter hat, even though its been 60 degrees in the north east, the cold will hit soon and I’ll be prepared.

Ebay / Target – $135 I found a good deal on a Barbie Dream house for the twins. They are 5 years old and I hope they enjoy it for a few years to come.

Target – $35 – I got some awesome goodies from here, more gifts (Star Wars Hat and Socks) once again and I bought myself a nice New Year’s eve Shirt

Its crazy that most of the purchases above were made online, I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year. How did you shop this holiday season online or in retail stores?

So with a sad face that concludes the seventh installment on the last 300 hundred dollars Christmas edition. See the 6th installment of this great series here. Ben Franklin will forever continue to cry all the way into other people’s hands, but at least it is based on good frugal shopping. Did you know the average consumer is slated to spend about 800 dollars just on Christmas gifts this year. As of right now I am way below this figure and I have 4 kids.

The total is a hot $300 dollars for this post, but I am still not done shopping, and I’m totally OK with it as I am not focused entirely on investing. I enjoy having a good balance between family fun and future goals.

Have you been loose lately with your budget this Christmas season? It can wreak havoc on anyone’s wallet, including mine. I know in the new year I will get back on target with my money goals as in the holiday season I tend to spend a bit more than normal.

Money Goals wait for no man!!!

If you feel you have to spend dollars for necessities, at least look for good deals from places like Khols with a 30% off deal. I usually check for some coupon codes before I go shopping and I usually save a big sum of money. On the purchases above I saved around $150 dollars by searching for coupon codes and buying at the right time.

To put things in perspective this amount is nothing compared to income. I’m not saying $300 hundred dollars should be wasted, but it’s the holiday season and at times expenses pop up when searching for holiday gifts.

I wonder with a thinking man pose, what did you spend your last 300 dollars Hundred on in this season?  Do you want to be brave and reveal it below? I will be indebted to you and honored if you would volunteer below.

Comment on the Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition and I will Buy you a Beer one day?

PS: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rich Uncle EL


The Last 300 Hundred Dollars Christmas Edition11 Comments

  1. Nicely done. We have picked up some deals as well this holiday season. Marshall is one of our favorite stores to shop, with three growing children you need to now how to find the deals. My last $300 went for some itunes, movie and restaurant gift cards. Giving a gift of music and experience to some this year. Merry Christmas!

  2. Gift cards go a long way during the holidays. The recipient gets a lot out of it because they can get exactly what they want and the giver knows they're not giving something that isn't wanted. Lots of bang for the buck with those. The need to stay within a budget gets all of us this time of year so it's important to make sure we make our money go as far as possible. Christmas only comes around once a year so let's make sure we make the most of it!
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  3. We were able to do Christmas on the cheaper side this year. I'm not even sure if we spend $300 in total, which is perfectly fine by me. Hope you have your family have a Merry Christmas EL!
    My recent post Don’t Forget to Enjoy Christmas

  4. Well, if I get a beer out of it… But seriously, those all sound like good deals. Though I hope you're using either cash back or rewards sites for all that online shopping!

    I did some of mine online, but Tim's stuff was all in store because it was easier. Too bad, since I could've gotten cash back. But not all the sizes I needed were available on the website.

    Got my in-laws' and Mom's gifts online, though. I just have to buy a Starbucks GC (I'll get an e-GC online from a discount site) for my MIL and maybe some mechanical pencils (yep, she asked for those). Then I'll officially be done.

    Our budget has definitely expanded over the years. Tim completely blew it up last year because we forgot to have the "What can I spend?" talk. So this year he's sticking to $125. Which means that, in all, we will have spent about $300 for Christmas this year. More than I'd like, but it's fun to get people stuff.
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    • Hey yes I’ve been using a cash back program we will see if they actually send me the cash back, I had an issue before with ebates, so now i use fat wallet. Happy holidays and it’s fine to blow a budget once in awhile.

    • Hey that’s always an easy gift idea, I give them once in a while, but every year billions are lost on gift cards, and the companies are smiling to the bank. People lose them or forget so often. Thanks for the comment JC.

  5. Happy New Year! I have not added up our Christmas spending yet – because I am dreading it. I totally blew the bank and pretty sure we are going to come in at over $ 2,500 (including food, drink, gifts etc.) Painful. I have been accused of being cheap too! Can you believe it?
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