Working till Your 80 Years of Age

Working till your 80 years of age

Happiness is Defined by you and the Older you get more Freedom you should seek.

Hey Guys do you really want to work till your 80 years of age? I am speaking for myself when I say heck no, granted I will always do something as I age. But I foresee I’ll focus on working for myself as I age, and not for others. If people want or desire to work that long for others, it must be something they truly enjoy which equates to happiness. I provided an article below that states very convincing evidence, why those people like working so much and will continue way past their 70’s. Working till your 80 years of age is this the new Norm?

To me it seems like they don’t have enough hobbies to pass the time. If they really enjoyed working for their organizations and it wasn’t about the pay, would they do it for free? That is the million dollar question that was mistakenly not asked by the interviewees in the article below. It seems sad that one of them is working so much that she regrets not spending enough time with her grandchildren. Now that is a travesty for her and the bonding time her grandchild might need today. This is a judgment free zone, but she is clearly showing signs of regretting her work / life balance. If I could say anything to her I would say work part time, and go spend some time showing those kiddies some grandma fun filled activities.

The article also mentions that people are working longer but it wasn’t stated if it was due to financial reasons or just because it’s fun for them reasons. If working till your 80 years of age makes you happy then by all means do it. But please don’t go about stating in articles that you regret things or that a trade off was made due to the work. If you find a plan that will actually work when you 30 years of age, I don’t see why people can’t find freedom from work by 50. I think some people are in denial with the time horizon they really have in this 1 short life span. Imagine kicking the bucket and not realizing all the fun things you could have done, but couldn’t due to work. Imagine helping others so much that you can’t help out your closest family members when they need you the most.

Tradeoffs are made every day, but time is never at a standstill, so take advantage of the time today – Rich Uncle EL

Imagine a life where you always desired to go to Europe, but never could because you had to work so much. Well I hope that’s not the case for me, because I want to go in the next 3 years and I’m hoping travel hacking, and extra income sources will make that a reality for me. I don’t want to make a list today in this post about how to avoid working till your 80 years of age, but I will give you a simple quote to help you.

Save a lot, invest often, don’t spend and be OK to leave the dusty cubicle by age 50 – Rich Uncle EL

If you can just live life by this quote, I’m sure you don’t have to work till your 80 years of age because you will be financially independent sooner rather than later.

Are you just as appalled reading the article as I was about working till your 80 years of age?

Rich Uncle EL


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  1. I would hope if you are working when you are 80 its because you want to, not because you need too. I think I will always do something to stay active, but I want to have the financial means, not to have to do anything if I don't want too.
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    • I agree Brian and the article sort of stated that these people appear happy to work so long. But it didn't say if they are doing it with the ulterior motive for financial reasons. It is unfortunate for someone that old to be forced to work for pay, because they didn't plan enough or because Social security doesn't provide sufficient funding to live. My plan is to work for myself when I'm older but till 80 now that's tough to predict if I even want to work when I'm that old. Thanks for the comment.
      My recent post Working till Your 80 Years of Age

  2. If I am still working at 80, I can only hope it is because I found very fulfilling work doing something I love. I am putting in the work now so that I won't have to be in that situation later. It just highlights the fact that you need to start saving now so you aren't forced to work for financial reasons later.
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  3. My grandpa is 87 and finally stopped working (mostly) earlier last year. He’s an entrepreneur, and when he gets an idea he can’t put it to rest. It’s only my grandmas health And now his own that keeps him from working. Based on his ongoing charitable gifts and his efforts at funding worthy foundations, I know he could have quit decades ago.

  4. Yep. And unfortunately, my belief is that most that will be working until that age try to convince themselves that it's because they want to, wouldn't no what else to with their time, enjoy the work, etc. However, I believe in the vast majority of cases it's simply a case of they are not financially prepared to walk away from that source of labor income. Their passive and portfolio sources have not been fully developed and able to provide a satisfying retirement.
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  5. For reasons mainly out of our control, we have very little in retirement. So it's possible I will have to keep working for a long time. Hopefully, I'll be able to go down to part-time with some careful saving and investing.

    And, sorry, I usually try not to grammar nerd but… it's you're, not your. I only mention it because it's in your headline and you want it to draw attention.
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