7 Ways to Make $500 Extra Dollars Next Month

7 Ways to Make $500 Extra dollars Next Month

Uber Tried to Hire this Guy.

Side hustle topics and podcasts are all over the internet to help people find a way to make extra income. But how do you really start today to get some extra dough without killing yourself with an immense number of hours added on top of your weekly work load. Most of us have a 9-5 consuming the bulk of our time every day, so if your day is flexible maybe you can hustle and bustle your way to make surplus money.

How you can make $500 extra dollars next month well that depends on your abilities, skills, and dedication to get out and make it happen. Why would you want to build another income source? Because its a good idea to diversify income away from 1 source and into multiple sources. As of right now I have 3 sources of income and I am I looking to increase it every year. Those with 5 income sources or more are in a position to presumably avoid financial risk due to the diversification of total income. If 1 income gets eliminated the person can fall back on the 4 others to pick up the slack. See Below for a few ideas on how to add another income source.

7 Ways to Make $500 Extra Dollars Next Month:

Food delivery – If you can negotiate this and get a good hourly wage, the tips will make it a bit more substantial, sort of like gravy with Turkey. Be mindful of gas costs, and take food home (if allowed) for the added perk to help your budget explode into the positive cash flow territory.

Uber / Lyft Driver – I have not done this yet but this is a good way to add a few hundred bucks a month with some effort. This seems like a pretty straight forward gig, and you don’t have to be tied down to only the hours set by the boss.

Teaching – Skill based learning can go a long way like tutoring, coaching, or mentor-ship programs will always be a simple way to hustle your way to that 500 extra dollars a month.

Services – If you have the skills and the right equipment you can work events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate holiday parties, or etc. (Videographer or photographer)

Selling – If you have a talking problem, then maybe you qualify to be an expert sales person. Sell anything part-time to make that money!

Flip Cars- If you understand car values and can buy a good used car for cash to flip; you can easily make some good money. This one is risky because you have to put up a few thousand to make $$$ back.

Find a Per Diem Gig – If you sign up as a floater when regular staff is absent, you can make some hustle money. But you have to be available when that phone rings.

I believe we all have some form of skill or passion we can effectively transform into a side gig. The hardest part is starting it, and marketing yourself enough to get clients or the job. Once you begin, then this can be a part of your multiple income streams going forward in life. The more income streams you can hold on to and maintain, the less risk you will have during higher than normal spend months or job loss situations.

Do you have another idea your willing to add to the 7 Ways to Make $500 Extra dollars Next Month?

What Side hustles are you pursuing today to help you add extra money to your cash flow?

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  1. You can look at side income any number of ways, but ultimately you are going to have to do SOME work to make that extra money. I think it's important for people to recognize the sacrifice that is required with a side hustle. If you recognize that sacrifice and are still motivated to make that extra money, you are much more likely to succeed than someone diving into it.

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