The Last Hundred Dollars

The last hundred dollars

I spent this bad boy.

A new series is born today, with the premise that now I will let you in to see what things I spent my last hundred dollars on. Imagine if you had only a hundred dollars to your name, what would you spend it on?

Would you go to the Mall and splurge? Or Maybe you get happy saving some of it before its all gone?

The last hundred is a way to lighten up the financial blogosphere with something unique. Yeah I could give you a bunch of boring spreadsheets showing my monthly net worth, but that’s been done a thousand times over. As of right now I still don’t feel 100% showing you guys all my pennies and cents, but with these posts you get a sneak peak at some random expenses. See below for the fun.

The Last Hundred Dollars:

Kids Clothes at Khol’s – $50 Bucks on sale from 70 dollars with a $10 cash back future coupon. (That’s how they keep you coming back)

Medicine – $25 I am recovering from a bad cold and the medicine helped me get back to work.

Chinese Food – $15 The wife and I were feeling tired on a Sunday night and we ordered in some good food.
Kids Bubble Bath and Soap – $10 You don’t realize all the little things that add up when you have kids, but yeah its important to keep the rugrats clean.

So with a sad face that concludes the sixth series on the last hundred dollars latest edition. See the 5th installment of this great series here. Ben Franklin will forever continue to cry all the way into others hands, but at least it is based on good frugal shopping.

The total is a hot $100 dollars, and I guess its worth it.

Have you been loose lately with your budget this summer? It can wreak havoc on anyone’s wallet, including mine.  I know in October I will get back on target with all my money goals as in summer months I tend to spend a bit more than normal.

If you feel you have to spend dollars for necessities, at least look for good deals from places like Khols. I usually check for some coupon codes before I have shop and I usually save a few bucks. On the purchase above I saved 20 dollars by searching for cool coupon codes.

Money Goals wait for no man!!!

To put things in perspective this amount is nothing compared to income. I’m not saying a hundred dollars should be wasted monthly, but it’s the summer season and at times expenses pop up when your out and about.

I wonder with a thinking man pose, what did you spend your last Hundred on? Do you want to be brave and reveal it below? I will be indebted to you and honored if you would volunteer below.

Comment on the Last Hundred Dollars and I will Buy you a Beer one day?

Rich Uncle EL


PS – The faster I achieve my money goals the better I feel, so why not attain them sooner rather than later by watching my dollars.

PPS – The figures above are rounded up and down to eliminate the geekiness behind adding decimals.


The Last Hundred Dollars8 Comments

  1. I spent my last $100 on gas for the car and movies for the family. Money does seem a little harder to hang on to during the summer months.

  2. My last $100 must have been spent on a monthly subway pass. Driving in the city is a nightmare.
    My recent post Portfolio Update: July 11, 2015

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