Creative Ways to Save Dollars


Creative ways to save dollars

Be like this Batman Piggy Bank and Save Dollars like a Super Hero


Money is a difficult tool to understand or grasp the gist behind how to manage it. No literally people cannot find a way to keep it in their possession for long. This will not be my usual post and rather it will be inspiring and motivating write up for the readers who want more out of life. Do you want to be the same person you were 5 years ago, specifically in the same spot financially?

Well if you’re up to the challenge follow the creative ways to save dollars listed below. We all have goals and if you publicly admit you don’t have any, shame on you. Let’s get back on track with the positive thoughts we all prefer to read about.

Imagine 5 years in the future and you accumulated $20 grand because you followed the steps below. Wow what a fantastic “brand new” person will stare back at you in the mirror at the reflection of somebody financially relevant. Yes you were always important, but if you had $20 grand in your savings account that you never had before in your entire life, wouldn’t that make you feel more secure and proud to achieve a mega money goal. Now let’s get into the best creative ways we all can use to save some greenbacks.

Creative Ways to Save Dollars:

Save all your income, and then spend a percentage of savings. (The reverse of what is normally done)

Hide a $50 dollar or a $100 dollar bill in your wallet or purse for a month without spending it. (Save it when accomplished)

If you clip a coupon or save 20% off a product you purchased, immediately save those savings in a brokerage / retirement account.

Go on a spending fast for 1 week and up to possibly a month to strengthen your savings muscles.

If you go to dinner or a concert, save the exact amount spent on the experience before you go in a savings account.

Increase automatic savings in 401K by 5% for one paycheck cycle 1 time a month. (Then decrease back down to normal level)

Invest 50% of your emergency fund into a high yield dividend / REIT (After Tax Mutual Fund or Stock) Use new monthly cash flow to add back to old EF Savings.

When you save any loose change into the jar, add a $1 or $5 or $10 dollar bill as well.

Use savings account to help with living expense cash flow during the year, and max out 401K -18K. (673 per check -Front Load)

Avoid the Malls for a year as you already have a ton of Stuff. (Savings in the Thousands, Not Spending is useless if funds are not saved)

Get a per diem Job, and use vacation days on occasion to work the other job. (Save the additional Income)

If you can save $25 per week, double it on the third week. See how you fair, make it consistent every month if you can.

Whatever amount you spend on a Saturday, save the same amount in emergency funds on Sunday

Rent or Buy a 2 bedroom apartment and if single rent out the spare bedroom. It will be more cost effective in the long term to share most living expenses. (Go halfsies)


These creative ways to save dollars are not your usual, pay yourself first strategy. (Even though that works as well) I decided to write about this because the average person cannot cover a $1000 dollar emergency. (Wow- seriously) I also heard from a reliable media source (CNN) that most folks could not cover a 10 grand expense without going into debt. This is understandable but if you follow the steps above you can debunk this financial hurdle.

Now I will ask you do you want to be one of those individuals who is unable to get ahead financially? The truth is the numbers collected by the government don’t lie, as they have the facts. Do you want to live paycheck to paycheck like 80% of America? If the answer is no, then get creative with money management in order to save money in 2015. Nothing is impossible if you just try while maintaining focus.

Never accept defeat by saying I can’t save, be creative and find ways to save those dollars – Rich Uncle EL

Comment if you have any creative ways to save dollars.


Rich Uncle EL  


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  1. In addition to Brian's tip about cutting the cord (we wholeheartedly endorse that!), look for savings in your other bills — can you get a cheaper cell phone plan? can you reduce the cost of your home internet? if you still have a landline phone, get rid of that too.

  2. Some of these are pretty creative. I already do the throwing an extra dollar, five or ten into my coin jar with my change. However I don't think the double dipping with vacation time and a per diem job is for everyone. I personally could do it because I get a lot of vacation time, but my fiancé, on the other hand, has 7 days a year. This clearly would not be right for people like him. I am a fan of side work though!

  3. Spend time working figures out on paper first!! For example, I first write my weekly shop list with sale figures & average pricing. Total up dollars amounts. Itemize any line items with coupon amounts I intend to use. Update the grand total. Review my list vs that I have on hand and cross out stuff I really can do without buying more of. This usually means a difference of $100+ a week lower than the initial list.

    You can use a version of this for anything. Especially for big ticket items as you do research. For most people, the extra time will result in paying less due to research/price comparison results or the person may decide to delay or cancel purchase all together.

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