Milestones Achieved in 2014

milestones achieved in 2014


Happy New Year! Hello friends if you are reading this you will soon learn of all the milestones achieved in 2014. I want to do this every New Year as a way to remember what I accomplished and as a way to help me set up my new goals going forward. I hope you succeeded in completing a few goals of your own this year.

Now this is not a post to brag, but a way to recognize that I am finally keeping track of finances and that just transforms me to keep superseding previous goals. I want to give you a few milestones relating to several topics, but the majority will be related to personal finance or money management, as this is in line with the subject matter of this blog.

Milestones Achieved in 2014:

I always aim to increase time spent with my Family / Friends

Net Worth Percentage Increased by 28% from 2013

Reduced school loan debt by 10%

Dividend Income increased from $2700 to 3300

The total number of shares I own stayed the same due to Bond – Stock allocating (3000 Shares)

I read 6 books in 2014

I spent less than $1000 eating out in 2014

I recorded memorable family moments on DVD and ordered a photo book

Asset percentage increased by 10% from 2014

I’ve tracked expenses for 3 years now

I created content filled financial posts the entire year

Took a family vacation all on cash not debt

I am about 20% closer towards reaching financial freedom

Avoided many impulse Expenditures

I spent less than $1000 on clothes and shoes

The Blog surpassed 700 twitter followers – Not much but a milestone

What will the goals and milestones in 2015 look like? Similar to the ones above, but maybe a few new ones sprinkled in. As I keep plugging forward with lifelong goals, I have noticed that concentrating on 1 smaller goal at a time will yield you better results.

Then after completion you can move on to the next goal. Everything is a process and things can take years, months or days. As long as you stay focused and determined you cannot lose.

In contrast to one goal at a time, a financial freedom goal might take you ten years or more to complete, so a goal like this can be done simultaneously with other goals. Big time goals should always be done in conjunction with other smaller goals. Never waver as goals can seem a bit unreachable, just remember the why (reason) you started it every day you feel uninspired to stay motivated.

I’m sure I missed a few of the accomplishments I achieved in the year, but if and when I remember them it will be considered icing on the cake. Do you feel pumped going forward into 2015 to get stuff done?

It will be nice to see some of the completed goals the other bloggers will post later on towards the end of the year and into next year. The past milestones achieved in 2014 will make 2015 goals that much easier.

Comment if you have milestones achieved in 2014?

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  1. Congrats on a great year! I totally agree with you on big goals–I like having them to keep me motivated and focused. Plus, I structure my smaller goals around achieving my larger aims. 2014 was a great year for us–we ramped our savings rate up to 65% and solidified our plans to move to a homestead in the woods. Happy New Year to you :)!
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    • That’s a great savings rate, I think I can match that when I get rid of student loans, and increase the side hustles. Looking forward to seeing you’re new homestead pics. Talk to you soon.

  2. Spending less, reducing debt, increasing dividend income, etc. From a financial perspective you seem to be firing on all cylinders. You set yourself up for a brighter 2015 that's for sure. Thank you for sharing your 2014 milestones. Look forward to your new year progress.
    My recent post Dividend Income Update – December 2014

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