Milestones I achieved in 2013


Milestones I Achieved in 2013

Milestones I Achieved in 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello friends if you are reading this you will soon learn all the milestones I achieved in 2013. I want to do this every New Year as a way to remember what I accomplished and as a way to help me set up my new goals going forward. I hope you succeeded in completing a few goals of your own. This past year was a very memorable one, I can’t complain as I am one step closer to reaching FI and hopefully becoming a full time blogger one day.

Now this is not a post to brag, but a way to recognize that I am finally keeping track in a personal finance capacity and that just transforms me to keep superseding past goals. I want to give you a few milestones relating to several topics, but the majority will be related to personal finance or money management. If you want to catch up with Last year’s Milestones click Here

Milestones I achieved in 2013:

Reduced school loan debt by 15%

I increased the time spent with Family

Net Worth Percentage Increased by 48% from 2012

Dividend Income increased from $2500 to $2700

The total number of shares I own increased from 2500 to 3000

I did a total #6 of Guest Posts in 2013

I read 10 books in 2013

I recorded memorable family moments on DVD.

Assets Percentage Increased by 37% from 2012

I tracked expenses for 2 years straight

Doubled the amount of posts written in 2013

I spent less than $500 in clothing and shoes

I spent less than 1 thousand in dinning out and liquor

I am very happy about all the milestones I was able to accomplish in this past year. I hope one day I can hear about all the great successes from all my readers? A few other positive things that I want to mention that happened in 2013.

Random Successes in 2013:

I surpassed 350 followers on Twitter

Popular Bloggers followed me on Twitter: Modest Money, Money Q&A, Squirrelers, MoneyPlanSOS, DebtRoundUp, Financial Samurai, Etc.

I surpassed 100 Followers on Facebook

I won the 10 Best Blogs for Quick Money Tips on

I finally made a small amount of blog income

I completed 5 years at my present employer, finally have 3 weeks Vacation time


Comment if you have milestones you have achieved in 2013?

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