How Many Assets Have you Purchased YTD?

I know, I know! If you really know me by now you will already understand my obsession with amassing assets. If you don’t know me and are new to this Blog then you will get to know the real financial maniac I may be at times. I came up with this cool post by calculating year to date how many assets I have purchased. This goes hand in hand with the overall concept of this blog, tracking your money. If you want to share with the world what assets you have purchased this year, leave a comment. Now since it’s my big idea I will share with you what I have added to my treasure chest this year:

-100 Shares of a Utility Stock-
-50 Shares of a Risky Telecom Stock-
-50 Shares of various 401k Funds on a Monthly Basis-
-48 Shares of Various Mutual Fund Dividend Reinvestment’s in Roth IRA funds Quarterly-

Well this is my list and I hope to grow it in the new year. 2012, Here I come!

RichUncle EL


How Many Assets Have you Purchased YTD?3 Comments

  1. I've never thought of myself as being asset-based, but this really puts larger purchases in a new light. It also puts the tiny worth-eroding "must have NOW" purchases into a different perspective, especially if it hampers my ability to add to my net worth!

  2. I will have to say that most people do not think with an asset based mentality. There is a never-ending need or a want in life. At times it pays to just say no to those unncessary things that do not add value, and invest in something that will pay you many times over with returns even as you sleep.

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