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I wanted to share with you a new financial strategy that I am really excited about. I will implement this very soon in my own portfolio, and I wanted you all to do the same. The strategy involves dividend paying stocks and a little research with Record dividend dates. What are those you ask? They are simply dates listed for every dividend paying stock which notifies us the deadline date when we can invest prior to getting paid. The strategy is simple to follow once implemented, first find 3 stocks you have faith in. The second part is that they must begin the payday parade in January, February, and March. After this, then you can sit back and watch it grow while getting a paycheck every month of the year.

Dividend Check Paydays
Stock 1-Jan, April, July, October
Stock 2-Feb, May, August, November
Stock 3-March, June, September, December

That’s the strategy if you were to invest in three companies as listed above, payments will alternate every month within the three and you will get a check from one of the three companies. Most companies pay on a quarterly basis and 3 companies means 12 paychecks per year. Simple and Easy.

The options for dividend payments are simple:

-Reinvest for more shares
-Get an electronic funds transfer to your bank account or check mailed to you
-Do a combination of the two (Some companies offer this but not all)

If you have any questions on how to start this system comment back. As always remember it costs money in the short term to make money in the long term.

Another excellent way to Watch your Money!- RichUncle El


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  1. Hi, Pretty simple and easy to follow if you already have a portfolio in place….But what about for us who are thinking of starting one and dont know the first thing about it. Where should I start?

  2. First place to start is to find 3 stocks that pay dividends, if you go to google finance and cnnmoney you can do a search by company name and find the stock symbol. Then you can do alot more research once you know which companies you desire to own. After that go to those companies websites and see how long they have been paying dividends. So take it step by step and email me directly if you need further help.

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