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      At least once a week I see an article or a write up on car values. First thing that comes to my mind is I could do a blog post on this topic. The purpose of this post is to spread the word on which cars hold their value better than most cars in the most common categories. I know what you’re thinking this list is going to be full of Honda’s and Toyota’s. That’s the same thing I thought when I first saw the list. Ask yourself a few questions before considering a new car,

-What cars do you like?
-Do you care if it holds its value?
-How long do you plan to keep your car?
The cars on this list have great resale values due to a few factors. The cars made the list by having high marks with: reliability, likeability with consumers, fuel efficiency, and affordability. All of the criteria listed were taken into consideration for all the vehicles in the # 1 position. The question of the day is, if the car you have been eyeing is not on this list would you reconsider your future purchase? I think I would definitely think twice and then do more research why my car is not on the list. Take a look at the list below and tell me if your car is on there or if you desire a different car not on the list.
2012 Kelley Blue Book  Best Resale Value:
-Subcompact Car: Honda Fit
-Compact Car: Honda Civic
-Mid-Sized Car: Toyota Camry
-Full Size Car: Nissan Maxima
-Hybrid Car: Honda Civic Hybrid
-Electric Car: Chevy Volt
-Top Green Car: Nissan Leaf
-Sports Car: Chevy Camaro
What a great list for the 2012 car segments. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new car, please consider these options as you will have a 50% return on your investment after three years of car use. 
I don’t know about you, but if I were to buy a car I would want half of what I paid back, it’s a win win. I agree with most of the cars on the list, but I am a bit ill at ease with the Volt and the Leaf as these two cars are built with new technologies, and if they malfunction for whatever reason this will affect their overall value. The picture above is the R8 that I mentioned on my bucket list post. 
Great resale value= another way to watch your money!
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  1. I admit it, I'm a car grrl! And the one on the list that appeals to me is the Camaro, since it's got the muscular profile the 1960s Camaros had with plenty of room.Honda is in a unique position to really nab the top spot from Toyota. Toyota has had a take-it-on-the-chin past couple of years and while they've done the right thing by owners, Honda has a chance to really move things forward.Now, if Honda would make a model like the CR-X – plenty of zoom and fair economy – in a package the size of the Camaro? That's a car to dream about (I'd like metallic orange with a matte black rally stripe!)

  2. Great blog. Glad to see Honda made the list three times-I'm an accord '04 owner . Right now, I have to start planning in buying a new car. Of course, majority of my decision will focus on fuel efficiency. I want to hold on to my next car for over 5+ years. I will definitely keep in mind resale value.

  3. @Sherri-I love the Camaro also, GM did an excellent job with the updated style but still keeping some features retro. @HD- YEs def take into account the resale value, if you look into the entire kelley blue book list I believe the accord came in second after the camry in terms of resale value. If you hold for 5+ years then you still might get 20-25% of the value back if you sell it at that point. Great Comments!

  4. Hey Bro,You didn't put my Lexus on the list, I love my car but I'm sad it didn't make the list. I will definitely research before I buy a car next time.

  5. Hey Man, I left out some of the car categories like SUV and Luxury cars, but click on the link on the Kelley Blue Book name and it will take you to the full list. Maybe your car is on it. Best of luck, check back soon I will have another car blog post.

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