Bucket List !

Hello I would like to share with the world my bucket list and hopefully this will lead me to actually achieve some of the items on my list. If I post out to the world then I think emotionally I would be more inclined to follow through with the list. So without further ado here it is:

-Visit Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China within a week of each other.
-Establish my very own bank to compete with all these big to fail banks.
-Go on a hot air ballon ride/ then right after go sky diving.
-Go to Belgium, France and Germany and get lost for a week.
-Find a awesome looking rare thousand dollar bill so that I can show off to my friends.
-Buy a cool electric motorcycle and visit as many cities as I can in the U.S.
-Purchase an old school convertible muscle car in Black and drive it on Sundays in my neighborhood.
-Buy an Audi R8 and a Tesla Model S car to fully satisfy my car desires.
-Buy a cruise vacation to 15 members of my inner circle of family and friends.
-Start a educational foundation after I am debt free and able to live off my investments.

Well there you have it; let me know if you have any questions or if you have any ideas of your own cool and unique bucket list items. Share them with the world.

RichUncle El


Bucket List !3 Comments

  1. My bucket list: Take a year off to travel the world with my family including my mom.Have all debt paid off by 40.Own a townhouse in the City.Will update list as time passes…

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