Blogging for 3 Years


Blogging for 3 years

Blogging for 3 years

Ok now this is a serious milestone post as it is my 3 year blogoversary and I have published 300 posts as of today. I still cannot believe I have been blogging for 3 years now, and I prefer to not make a big deal out of anniversaries, but I couldn’t resist as the number 3 is my favorite number. I am happy about all the work I’ve put into my blog and it really has made me a better person. I enjoy sharing all the facts and knowledge I have learned regarding personal finance with all of the readers. I must say the accountability factor of having a blog is a hidden secret and one of the best moves I made to improve on my life.

Holy Moly I’ve Been Blogging for 3 Years

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When a Financial Emergency Strikes


When a Financial Emergency Strikes

Time to Break the Piggy Bank due to a Financial Emergency

Do you know what to do if a financial emergency strikes all of a sudden at your doorstep? Well during this time people might feel the need to panic and begin to do irrational things with their money. For example doing cash advances with a 20% or greater interest rate. Emergencies usually are based on various levels to different people, and it is on you to assess things before running to one of the worst financial lending institutions like payday loans sponsored by a famous 90’s talk show celebrity. This article is going to be based on a fictional emergency level 7, which results in an emergency that is not life threatening. (Level 10 would be the highest level) Ok now let’s discuss the steps anyone can take to get out of the emergency and not to hurt ones wallet too drastically.

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Withdrawing from the 401K


Withdrawing from the 401K

Find any alternative before cashing 401K Funds.

Many people are withdrawing from their 401k funds and losing out on a big opportunity to make money in the future. Every time someone switches jobs I bet a little piece of them is wondering, what can I buy with this 401K money I have saved for years? The answer should be nothing, but that is not the case for millions of working adults.  It goes to show that many people do not understand the full effect and repercussions involved when they take out retirement account money.

The only funds you can take out are the contributions of a Roth IRA that has been established for some time. When in doubt ask, and when in further doubt, have the check made out to Vanguard. (Never have the check made out in your name) Why do we tap into these funds without finding out all the information involved in the transaction?

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Real Estate Investment Trust


REAL ESTATE Investment Trust

Paying Dividends for over 40 Years.

This is not a new investment opportunity as it has been around for a long time now. The problem is if you are not into investing and do not read investing books, you probably never heard of this type of investment opportunity. What is a real estate investment trust? Exactly what you might think it is when you read the title. They are companies that invest in real estate holdings, offer shares to investors so that they can own a piece of the pie. This in turn provides the company with the influx of cash to invest into more properties. Now the secret sauce to this deal is that by law these REITS must pay out about 90% of all the income they make back to shareholders. If they make 1 million dollars a year they have to pay out 900K to all the owners. Usually all the dividends are paid out on a monthly time schedule. Now what company you know gives almost all of its profits back to the owners? (None I’ve seen)

I am a big proponent in holding some REITS long-term, as it can provide a substantial amount of income and the ability to diversify nest egg money away from the usual U.S. large cap equities. The REIT market on average provides yields of about 5% and this is not including any capital appreciation on the price of the stock when you decide to sell. For a few examples of REITS in the market today see below:

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The 5 Car Insurance Tips

the 5 car insurance tips

Protect this Classic car with Insurance.

Are you in the market for car insurance? It can be difficult to sift through all your options and find the company that’s right for you. Here are just five tips for finding someone who will watch your back on the road.

1. Compare and Contrast

Shopping for car insurance isn’t a process that should be done in a day. You’ll need to devote some time to it especially if you’re looking for something in particular like insurance for teens. Don’t be afraid to take your time, shop around and find the insurance provider that meets the unique needs of your unique family.

2. Know the Types

Auto insurance comes in a variety of categories. For example, liability coverage will protect your vehicle in the event of an accident, but comprehensive collision coverage might pay for your new tires and your medical bills. It all depends on your insurance company and service package.

3. Stay Local

Find your local agent if you want the best deal on car insurance. The prices quoted on the company website aren’t always the lowest; they represent the averages for the entire country and not your specific state or city. What’s more, a live agent can help you find deals and savings that might not be listed in the company manifesto. It’s always better to have a direct meeting when it comes to financial matters.

4. Cut Your Costs

What if you want that comprehensive collision coverage but can’t currently afford it? There are a number of ways to lower your monthly premiums. For instance, you can usually knock off a few dollars by taking a driver’s education course that verifies you as a safe, responsible driver; you can also save money by improving the security measures on your car and proving to the insurance company that it won’t be easy to steal.

5. Read Reviews and Ratings

Once you’ve found a potential insurance provider, make sure you double-check their references on the web. Don’t rely on testimonials alone! Look for impartial review sites with the opinions and experiences of past customers. Were they satisfied with their coverage? Were they hit with any unexpected fees and surcharges during their contract? If they switched brands, what prompted them to make the change?

These are just five tips for finding and selecting a reputable auto-insurance company. Keep them in mind before you sign on any dotted lines!

Do you have insurance advice to add to the 5 car insurance tips?

How to Avoid Living Paycheck to Paycheck

How to avoid living paycheck to paycheck

Is this you right after Pay Day?

I know you probably read at least one thousand fantastic articles about the abundantly used topic above. It was most likely based on helping anyone struggling with money avoid living paycheck to paycheck. Can people read this fantastic article and say, that’s it next month I will not live paycheck to paycheck? While many of the tips and strategies the person took away from the publication can be implemented. Is it safe to say that many people cannot make the behaviors stick? Which results in the past paycheck to paycheck life being repeated again in the future? Granted ideas are a dime a dozen and it is up to the person who wants to improve to make the ideas stick.

The purpose of this post is to get you to a think of the why reasoning behind the lifestyle you dislike, and move you to another lifestyle. If you can’t understand the why, then you will not take action. Without action nothing changes.

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The Financial Benefits of Walking

The Financial Benefits of Walking

The Financial Benefits of Walking

Did you ever consider how many financial benefits out of walking you can get? Besides the health benefits walking can provide you so much more that people can extract from the simple act of walking. I walk everyday about 1 mile, and it helps me refresh my mind. For example if I am stressed over something the walking helps. Also if I am feeling mentally tired by a task at work that is getting very repetitive, well walking helps with this situation as well. It’s safe to say anyone with the right mind frame and with an able physique understands the awesomeness of walking. Now let’s focus on the money side of walking and how the heck it can help you out as well. See below for 5 tips on the financial benefits of walking.

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