Once you understand that being unconventional in how you handle finances will bring you a sense of freedom, it will all fall into place. I believe there are two sides to personal finance, the consumer mindset, where you feel no control over money, and the unconventional side of finance. Where you direct your money to go places, and feel more at ease. This is where the unconventional wisdom behind early financial independence comes into play.

If you could be debt free today would you pursue it? Why for heaven’s sake do people seem content to stay burdened for so long, sending only the minimum for years to lenders. I don’t know about you but I want my future income to be all mines and not some banks. Do you know the banks are smiling every time you send the minimum in month after month?

There’s no secret sauce to becoming rich or maybe there is, and let me explain why below. Do you want to be rich? If the answer is yes, you may want to pay extreme attention as I’ll outline all the steps to getting the illusive first million. I’ve read many times in hundreds of websites, that in order to be rich you have to do these 3 things: Pay yourself First Spend Less than you Earn Have and Maintain a High Income