Why Percentages Matter


Why percentages matter

If you Can’t see your Budget, how do you know its Effective?

Do you know that in order to handle money correctly, we all need to know the exact percentages we can spend on every category? Once you understand why percentages matter and that it’s all about handling money within percentages, then money management will be a breeze. This is a simple finance strategy many never implement, but when they do, people will soon realize how much extra cash flow can be had. I will provide below a standard guideline for specific categories and I hope your budget is in line with what I am about to share below. Granted nothing is set in stone around here, but this will get you to understand if you need to fix a money category, that is out of whack.

If you can stay within the percentages for expense categories, this will eventually free up money for you to go over and above in the savings / investing percentage categories. By going over in the savings / investing categories you will be bounds ahead in retirement nest egg funds in no time. People will most likely shoot down an idea like strategizing income based off percentages, before even trying it out. How can one negate a financial strategy before implementing it, all because it is something completely new and different.

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The Reason People Subconsciously Do Not Save Money


The reason people subconciously do not save money

Once we’re gone we cant enjoy anything, but that shouldn’t hinder your thought process about savings today.

Why do most people find it difficult to save a dollar? I think I found the answer and it will either speak a sense of truth in your life or you will dislike what I am about to say. This idea was created by speaking to certain people who constantly say you can’t take it with you to the grave. Do they really justify not saving because they think they will die soon? Also by watching the show the walking dead, where walkers roam aimlessly around the planet. The reason people subconsciously do not save money is because a part of all of us has that little feeling we might not be around to enjoy it. I can’t believe I actually said that and I will probably get some flak for it. We all have a live in the present, as happy as can be mindset because we might not be around to enjoy it. 

The second reason some people do not save money, and I will save this topic for another post, is that the government will find a way to take our retirement savings. If the government takes our retirement savings, believe me we all will have greater issues than just money at that point. Can we say Anarchy at that point in time!!! We great citizens of the USA make on average about $100-150 dollars a day and we cannot find it in us to save $5 dollars per day. Why is that so? Do you ever question in full reality why Americans have a government reported savings rate of about 5% or less. If you do question the reason people subconsciously do not save money could it be because of thoughts based about death in your opinion? (Morbid yes- truthful Heck yes)

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Personal Finance Sayings 3

personal finance sayings 3

Wow this is the last personal finance sayings post. It has been a bumpy ride with all the idioms based around money. It is always fun to quote some classic financial, back-handed, straight to your gut money sayings. I hope you read part 1 and part 2, but if you missed them go back and enjoy the awesomeness.  Keep on trucking my financial friends and if you ever need anything don’t call me, find me on Twitter.

Side Hustles – really cool part-time jobs mostly tax-free paid pass times.

Smart Money – money handled by financial smart individuals

Stacking Method –paying the higher interest rate debt first, then move on to the next highest interest after you pay off the 1st 

Stacking Benjamin’s – building your money pile as quickly as possible

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Personal Finance Sayings 2

personal finance sayings 2


Its time for the best personal finance sayings 2. Do you want to know a secret I came up with all of these definitions merely from my experience with finances. Now does that make me a financial guru? Sure if you want to throw a label my way go right ahead I don’t mind. I hope you enjoyed part 1 of the personal finance sayings. I am on vacation this week and I wanted to leave you with something not overly complicated like 11th grade algebra. So lets all laugh and learn together about these fabulous personal finance sayings 2 listed below.

Indexing – Buying the whole market with a set it and forget it investing style

Invest in yourself – on occasion forgo investing in the stock market, and use money to take a class to improve skills

The Dave Ramsey Plan – financially living on the 7 baby steps plan, banning all debt and cutting up credit cards while driving a beater

It’s time to pay the piper – you can only put off paying off debt for so long, eventually you have to pay it back.

It’s Not what you make its what you keep – simple and straight to the truth phrase for those folks who like to spend every last penny of their paychecks

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Personal Finance Sayings


Personal Finance Sayings

I wonder What Personal Finance Sayings Buffett is thinking of Next.

This is the 1st part of a collection of widely used personal finance sayings, words, phrases, or quotes and my comedic explanation or definition behind the meaning of all of them listed below. I decided to break up the post because together it was going to be over a thousand words. If you have any feedback or childhood stories about the phrases below please leave a comment so we can all laugh. Its Friday so lets have fun and keep the finance talk very light.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – it means be happy with what you have and avoid risk / greed by trying to double what you already have

Acting like the Joneses – Spending like there’s no tomorrow or living above means or trying to keep up with others spending levels

A Penny Saved is a penny earned – basically to save, but with hints of watch your spending because spending is the root of all evil

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Can you Define Happiness?


Can you Define Happiness

A Happy Family by the Lake

What are the best things that make us happy? A simple question that many can answer, if they can take a brief moment to think for a second about what are the magical things that make us happy. If you can think back to your younger days were you happier then or now? Can you define happiness? Not the past or the future but the present happiness that is engulfing your life. LOL.

I’ve noticed a big movement on the finding happiness bandwagon from blogs, documentaries, and now a movie is about to be released based on this subject. (Just saw the trailer last weekend) At the core of the topic many people ask the question, what makes you happy? Do they want to know answers as it will solve a mystery based on this discussion, because everybody seems miserable? Maybe they are looking for a rabbit in a fox hole? Happiness is not something you can whip up and serve on a platter. It is a realization as to how you view life in the current state, with no past regrets and a sense of making the best of every situational moment going forward. This is happiness defined in my opinion. Now let’s discuss this topic further below and talk a bit about my personal happiness activities. The next few phrases I will express what makes me happy.

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The Financial Pinnacle

The financial Pinnacle

Reach the top and Gain true Freedom

After reading the title above can you grasp what it means to live a life after you have reached the financial pinnacle? Well in all honesty many people might not even comprehend how a life like that might feel, because we have been slowly institutionalized to a system that is ingrained in our psyche. The people who have the complainly pants syndrome as other blogs have mentioned, are partly to blame for their financial shortcomings, but what if they are merely victims to the system. A system set up to keep you indebted and to keep you plugged into working for 45 years of your life. Can you still reach the financial pinnacle if you live in a society where everyone wants a piece of your finances?

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