Making the Best of Finances


making the Best of Finances

This is 1 simple way to Excel with Finances

Is your day filled with greatness, mediocrity, or below average actions? I feel we all need to take advantage of all of life’s opportunities including making the best of finances. People might be questioning this, and ask how am I winning with finances? Some might be killing it saving over 50K in income annually, while others might be embarrassed to say they don’t save 1 dollar per year. How can you be content with your financial picture today, and still have the ability to save some dollars away for tomorrow?

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The Real way to get out of Debt


the real way to get out of debt

Make Debt Freedom a Priority, and not an after thought.

Do you want to learn the real way to get out of debt? I know some of you think that holding on to debt is ok, as long as the payment is manageable. Everyday people in this society take out loans to fund an expensive purchase, while rewarding the lender with payments including an interest rate. The difference people must realize is that buying on future credit is really hurting how financially sound you will be now in the present, in addition to the future.

Who really benefits when you take out a loan? Yes you get a car you couldn’t afford, and maybe you finally can get that expensive computer so that you can blog from home. If you did not plan and save for major purchases, then you just lost out and the lender wins. They even win if you get a 0% percent financing deal. The cash flow drain by getting a loan hurts your chances to save for a secure financial foundation. Thus you become dependent on your job to maintain a pay as you go life, which can really mean living paycheck to paycheck for those people excessively indebted.

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Will you Achieve Financial Independence

Will you achieve financial independence

Hit the switch today and begin your Financial Independence Journey


Well you guessed it, as I am talking about reaching financial independence once again. I am posing this question today, will you achieve financial independence before age 65? Well the jig is up and there’s a ton of examples online of people who actually reached the imaginary Financial Independence before getting grey hair.

This is my goal and it should be everyone’s lifetime goal also, because long gone are the days people worked for 40 years dedicated to a job who can easily replace any of us with the next person. Granted I am not telling you to stop working forever, I am just advising you that you can work on your terms when you reach this next stage of life. What a fun stage it can be, don’t you agree?

Below is the list of bloggers who already reached Financial Independence.


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The Frugal Millionaire


The Frugal Millionaire

The person who enlightened us with the facts about The Frugal Millionaire

Ok so I know many people think once someone reaches millionaire status that they can begin to purchase a brand new Mercedes every two years just to live the good life. But that is not the case as most average millionaires actually care more about staying low key and remarkably maintaining the wealth they worked so hard to build.

Now I bet your asking why are they being so frugal if they are actually millionaires. Why don’t they just spend all day like the average tourist on vacation. Well if I were to give you an off the cuff answer, it would be because by that point in life, the average millionaire is already older and a bit wiser with how money management works. They also prefer to value every dollar and the opportunity it can bring in future revenue.

This usually equates to the average millionaire believing in the live modestly lifestyle, and is way past the, drive a Ferrari on the weekends because that makes me look cool syndrome.

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Do you want to Be Rich?


Do you want to be rich

There’s no secret sauce to becoming rich or maybe there is, and let me explain why below. Do you want to be rich? If the answer is yes, you may want to pay extreme attention as I’ll outline all the steps to getting the illusive first million. I’ve read many times in hundreds of websites, that in order to be rich you have to do these 3 things:

Pay yourself First

Spend Less than you Earn

Have and Maintain a High Income

While yes these three factors do matter to the average person who dreams of swimming in the dough like Scrooge Mc Duck, I will tell you becoming rich takes a deeper process and an involved plan. Many people seem to have the mentality that becoming rich is all about luck and or hitting some magical monetary jack pot.

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Money Talk


Money Talk

Lets have more Money Talk in our Lives

What if we all talked more about money on a daily basis? Is it truly that awful to discuss money or is it another underlining reason people shy away from it. I can clearly say I don’t know the answer, but it is a way of life here in the U.S. to avoid awkward money talks especially around people’s personal monetary status.

Well I want to provide you with some simple, easy to discuss money talk topics and I hope you can get some value out of it. The topics today will all be random little tidbits to get you to talk more about finances.

Imagine a world where a husband and wife could sit down weekly to talk freely about money and not have fun arguments.

How about if the basics behind money management is implemented into the US school system as mandatory curriculum for all kids before graduating High School. Imagine the impact this could have on future generations. It could possibly bring about the collapse of pay day lenders, and other predatory loan facilities.

Let’s dream for a second if 2 times a year families with older kids sat down at the dinner table to devise a plan to increase income and or investing for the entire family.

Think of big picture planning like the Johnson & Johnson family does as televised in the film “The 1 Percent”. They are forced to sit down to discuss strategies by the financial advisors, and the heads of the Johnson family trust. Why can’t we all have our own meetings on a small scale?

If you feel overwhelmed to discuss things, just find someone to help you smooth out any anxiety or issues you may have around money and that is not trying to sell you something. Believe me they exist and they will teach you first and foremost just like a good mentor.

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